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Postby Diamond Jim Tyler » 01/30/03 06:49 PM

I wasn't sure what category this would fall into within the Genii forum, but I thought it might be a venue that few have thought about:

Today, January 30th, I had quite an experience. The Irving Symphony Orchestra asked if I would perform at their Youth Concert Event about 3 months ago. I agreed and appeared before an appreciative crowd of 5th graders today. Typically, I perform at adult events. But today was truly magical!

These kids were in awe with the entire program as was I. The orchestra, which was fabulous, played magical themed songs from Fantasia, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. The music was powerful and was the perfect setting for my chosen effects. Myself and the orchestra performed 2 shows today for 2 groups of 1500 children. It was unbelievable.

I have one last gig with the orchestra tomorrow morning for over 2000 7th graders. God help us! Hopefully, they'll be as well behaved as the kids today.

So should an orchestra ask that you take part in their Magic of Music symphony, don't hesitate to say yes!

All good things,
Diamond Jim Tyler

ps- Or better yet.. call your local Chamber of Commerce and inquire about the town's symphony orchestra. Find out who the Conductor is and suggest a similar themed program. I myself was well paid by sponsors such as Verizon.
Diamond Jim Tyler
Diamond Jim Tyler
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 01/30/03 09:34 PM

I've done a similar gig in the Atlanta area for 2 years! It is always a lot of fun.

They used a different theme last year instead of going for 3, but they'll use magic again. The concert is generally in October.

When I performed, I did magic during the first half of the concert and I narrated "Peter & The Wolf" during the second half. Neat!

Joe M. Turner
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