Magician on Kimmel Live tonight

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Postby Guest » 07/01/05 11:30 AM

Majestik Magnificent is a scheduled guest on tonight's Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Isn't this the guy who says he's Michael Jackson's "personal magician?"

Postby Guest » 07/01/05 02:17 PM

Yes, he was on Kimmel the other day (is this the repeat?). No neck, little talent exibited.
Steve V

Postby mark » 07/02/05 09:28 PM

Right - for this goober, Kimmel is on his best behavior. When he has real talent on board, he is a pain in the ***. All I can suggest is that Ali and Michael J. have never seen a *real* magician.
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Postby Dave Egleston » 07/05/05 03:26 PM

Yeah but the best........."The rope be restored!"

Dave Egleston
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