VIDEO: How Shaking Hands Became A Symbol Of Friendship

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Postby Guest » 11/26/07 11:23 AM

How Shaking Hands Became A Symbol Of Friendship

LINK: ... d=22632332

I can watch this all day long and get silly laughs from it!

This routine & material is written and owned by DeYip Loo. If anyone decided to steal it, I will (mai-ling) come after you with my mean voodoo ability.

~ more favorites are on the video space too.

Postby Guest » 12/03/07 02:55 PM

Hi Mai-ling,

this is a truly inspiring example of artistry with a purpose... to say the least.

It was quite bold on the performers part to bring awareness on racial differences through the use of entertainment during a time when many people were not open to interaction with a different race.

It also strikes a chord when we see how many people in the audience applauded after the show not only because they enjoyed the performers unique style of presentation and sense of humor but because they also agreed with the message being delivered.

And yes, it was quite comical.

Take good care,
Anthony R.

Postby Guest » 12/10/07 03:08 PM

I saw part of the movie "liberty heights" yesterday.
I was struck by a sign that was shown at the entry
of a beach that said
"No Jews, Dogs or Colored people allowed."
Strangely enough my father is in
the category of "colored." In fact when he was
working down south because of his race of being
Asian, he was served in a paper cup because he
was considered "colored."

What makes this piece powerful at the time
it was done and on TV was breaking barriers of
race without realizing it, using the handshake
as the symbol of friendship.

Anthony brought up something in his comment
that didn't hit me until now. Which made me
see something else when I saw opening part of
the film mentioned above.

It is a subtle message for the times (then
and now) and while being comical at the same


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