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Postby Guest » 04/04/05 05:31 PM

Las Vegas magician Ariane Black competed on "Steve Harvey's Big Time" last night. She had defeated all but the last act remaining in the competition on her way to hopefully winning the $10,000 prize. She got past the annoying balloon guy and another guy who ate a bucket of worms (thank goodness...and yikes!). The only act left to beat was the diving pigs [insert your own joke here]. I had to step away and missed the last bit. Anybody know if she won?

Postby themaestro » 04/05/05 04:41 PM

I did not see it, but a friend told me, that she did not win. A woman who tap danced on a guy on a bed of nails won.

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Postby Guest » 04/06/05 08:35 AM

That's too bad. I saw the tap-dancer and nails guy during a teaser and they looked pretty silly. Thought Ariane had gotten past them but there must have been two acts remaining instead of one. Ariane was very classy and I'm always rooting for the success of any magic-related folk. Makes the rest of us look good too...!

Postby Eric Rose » 04/11/05 10:03 AM

Well, it ain't all bad. That guy on the bed of nails was Bruce Block, who, unless I'm way off base, was a regular magician performer at Wizardz. He performed the funniest straight jacket escape I ever saw when I was there a few years back.

I figure that magician vs. magician for the top spot speaks well for the art - it wasn't American Idol, but at least they beat worm-man and the diving pigs.
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Postby Guest » 04/15/05 12:53 AM

It was Bruce Block who won the $10,000. He is also famous for his great talking rabbit routine. When he did it at an Abbott's a few years back, Jay Marshall said that it was the funniest opening to a magic show he ever saw. Jay has seen lots of magic shows.

Bruce and his rabbit routine was just praised in the Las Vegas Review Journal for being the staffs pick for the best magician for 2005.

Postby Guest » 04/15/05 08:18 PM

Now I wish I'd seen Bruce's act as well instead of just the teaser. Jay would know funny when he saw it -- a comic genius himself....

Is Bruce performing the rabbit routine anywhere on a regular basis? (Perhaps even soon in the "World's Greatest Magic" at the Greek Isles?) ;)

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