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Postby Guest » 02/26/04 10:30 AM

David Groves will be appearing on the radio on "The Psyche Deli" at 4 pm PDT this Thursday, February 26. He will be talking about magic, street performing, mindreading, Dai Vernon's near-fatal accident, S.W. Erdnase's identity, why magicians are like unicorns, and other lively topics, as well as performing some impressive feats of magic on the air.

"The Psyche Deli: Delectable Tidbits for the Subconscious" is broadcast on the World Wide web every Thursday, 4 -5 pm PST LIVE on Click on the "Click here to listen" button, turn up your speakers, and join us!

The show is hosted by Tina Tessina, author of 15 books, including IT ENDS WITH ME: GROWING UP AND OUT OF DYSFUNCTION. Her entire impressive resume
is included at She's a delightful host and a lifelong fan of magic.

Call in to the show at 562-860-2451 x2628 to ask David questions on air. All Psyche Deli shows will soon be archived on

Postby Guest » 02/26/04 11:30 AM

People who refer to themselves in the third person scare me....
Steve V

Postby Guest » 02/26/04 12:16 PM

Randy thinks his mate wee Stevie V' may be a touch rough on David's press release.

--Randy Campbell

Postby Guest » 02/26/04 03:42 PM

I just wish I was w/in the 3 mile range of the station so I could listen to all that good stuff shoved into one hour of knock 'em sock 'em entertaiment hosted by a disfunctional lady. Last magician I heard on the radio was in SF when Magic Mike Stroud put on his radio voice and thrilled all the listeners at 3:00 on a Monday morning.
Steve V

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