Criss Angels People Let Him Down...

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Postby Guest » 11/09/06 12:17 AM

Since being released from employement I've had the chance to watch ol' Criss Angel and have really enjoyed it. I have a couple issues I'd like his 'people', and you know who you are, can address with his other 'people'. First, the girl assistant Melanie or Melody...she is lovely in shorts, but her make up made her look from the neck up like Marilyn Manson.

Second the theme of the episode on at this very moment is his being dragged behind a boat while escaping from a strait jacket. That is big fun but he keeps refering to it as 'keel hauling'. As a proud Navy vet and historian I'm offended by this false representation. Keel hauling is when you drag a person under the keel of the ship to be scrapped up by barnacles etc and if the person couldn't hold his breath then...oh well.
Steve V

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