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Postby Guest » 05/30/03 11:00 PM

My father, back in in the early 80's, bought one of the newest VCR's and it was a monster. It had 2 seperate components, one that played the videos and must have weighed 30 lbs. and the other was the tuner with little silver buttons on it to bring in the channels. Anyway, late one night on the PBS channel, I was flipping the channels and to my utter amazement there sat Tony "MY Hero" Slydini. I simply could not believe it. I had ordered his books from Tannen's a few years before and could not tell you the number of nights I would stay up late sitting at a card table in my room during summer vacation with a pack of Lucky Strikes, a red close up mat, three folding mirrors and the Fulves books tearing cigarettes up and rolling their papers into little white balls. God, what memories and fun! Anyway, when I saw Slydini I grabbed the nearest tape which was copy of Psycho my dad had recorded of the tube and I popped it in a pressed record. I remember Slydini doing the Paper Balls and the piece de' resistance The Helicopter Card. I remember Slydini doing this for Cavett and Slydini, after he'd asked Cavett to pick up any card among the many spread on the table to check and make sure his wasn't there, and saying in his little heavily Italian voice, "Can't meece, Can't meece." (Cant' miss, Can't miss). It was incredible. Well, here is the point of this post. Last week my basement flooded and the only copy of this magical memory was destroyed. I felt sick to my stomach. I can't believe I never made a copy of it. It was just one of things I was going to do and never got around to. Even though I haven't seen the video in years I still remember that night long ago seeing a living legend in my living room. Unreal. If any fellow magi can assist me in my quest for a replacement of this performance I would be eternally and dutifully grateful. Renumeration is without question. Please help. Any and all assistance you could give me I would be most grateful for.

Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 05/31/03 09:47 AM

I've got that Cavett show. Quality isn't perfect, but it works. Send me an e-mail with contact information, and I'll get you a copy.
- Jeffrey
-- Jeffrey Cowan
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Hi Jef,
Me too. But you need, a the very least, $ to cover cost of empty Video. Sned my a rice too.
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Postby Guest » 06/01/03 02:48 PM

P.S. Had actually taken 4-5 lessons with Slydini, so would really value this material. Marty J

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