Ricky Jay on The Unit

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Postby Guest » 04/27/07 09:02 PM

Ricky Jay had a guest role on "The Unit" earlier in the week, and co-wrote the episode. He played a CIA operative who was trying to turn one of the principles of the show.

"The Unit" comes from David Mamet -- if you like his movies, there'll be stuff about the show you like. He's cast his wife, Rebecca Pidgeon, in it (she shows up in many of his movies).

Postby Guest » 05/09/07 07:18 AM

Ricky was also in the season finale last night (5/8/07) of the Unit. He played a very key role at the very end of the show. Apparently succeeding in turning the key member of the Unit Bill mentioned above.

With the way it was left off, it looks like Ricky Jay will definately be in next year's season. Right now, you can still go to the Unit website and view last night's episode. http://www.cbs.com/primetime/the_unit/

As Bill mentioned Ricky plays a CIA operative, so its not really related to his magic, however he did switch a SD Card that had critical information. They show him Classic Palm the SD Card as he walks away in the first episode that he appeared in.

Postby Magiphile » 05/09/07 08:05 AM

Did anyone read the credits to see who wrote the script(s) for the last 2 shows?
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Postby Guest » 05/09/07 08:45 AM

Yes I saw it last week that he wrote it.

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