New show coming: "America's Psychic Challenge"

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Postby Guest » 10/10/07 11:58 PM

I just saw a commercial (it's near midnight here on the west coast...) for an upcoming show, "America's Psychic Challenge", "pitting psychic against psychic"!

Ay carumba.

Postby Guest » 10/11/07 05:33 AM

You'd think all the participants would already know who the winner will be. ;)

Postby Guest » 10/11/07 11:26 AM

That was funny David - even though I knew that joke was coming.... C.

P.S. Been buried on the domestic front. Hope all is well in the new digs.

Postby Guest » 10/11/07 03:29 PM

This show will be as much fun as the Alltel commercials.

Postby Guest » 10/11/07 04:41 PM

I am getting a vision: it is hazy, but I predict a solid majority of viewers will be CONVINCED they're witnessing the real thing.

I wish I could remember the past as well as I can clearly see the future:
I was working on the computer when the commercial came on in the background last night, so I caught only the tag line, and the quickest glimpse of various people stumbling around looking for things with clueless expressions on their mugs.

I immediately hopped online to alert the Forum-folks.

Ever since I was a kid reading about Houdini busting in and exposing frauds, there have proven to be few things that so surely rile-up my dander, as phony psychics! :p
After all these years, I still honestly don't know where they get the balls to claim magical powers. I mean come on, this is the 21st century, isn't it? :rolleyes:

Postby Guest » 10/11/07 10:22 PM

Whats the difference between a phony psychic and a real psychic?

Postby Guest » 10/12/07 12:18 AM

According to a CBS poll in 2002, 57% of Americans said they believed in psychic phenomena.

This number was down from the 1989 number of 64%.

The 2002 poll indicated that people who were

A) Catholic

B) college educated


C) under the age of 65

were even more likely to be believers.

16 percent of all people in the survey claimed to have personally experienced
telepathy or extra sensory perception.

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