NYC Improv Theater Feud due to SNL article.

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Postby Brian Marks » 10/25/05 08:38 PM

I would like to bring to the attention of Genii Forum readers of a "feud" going on in the improv comedy community.

Recently the New York Post did 2 short stories on Saturday Night Live. The first story was picked up by yahoo and I will post it. ... ynightdead

The first story points out SNL currently sucks which I am sure we all agree on. The second story plugs a show called Saturday Night Rewritten. Both stories quote Erik Marcusiack. Erik takes the time to bash SNL writers, the process and Lorne Michaels.

Who is Erik Maruciack? Its a good question. The short answer is nobody. The long answer is long. Erik is about 25 and the executive producer of Saturday Night Rewritten, a Sunday night show who rewrites the sketches of SNL and performs them in the same exact format in a small theater in Manhattan which he runs. He even has a musical guest. The show is promoted as just like SNL only better. Thats not saying much but Erik and crew lack the originality to put on a sketch that isn't SNL.

This article has sparked a fued. The Upright Citizens Brigade is sketch & improv troupe that moved to NY in 1996 after getting a tv show on Comedy Central of the same name. They used the money to start an improv theater. The theater exploded in popularity recently opening up a new theater in L.A.

Eric and a hundred or so people auditioned for 2 spots UCB Theater improv troupes. The process was "unfair" Erik got upset and started his own theater. Erik started holding parties for people of the "UCB theater was so unfair" mindset. He holds a competing improv festival on the same weekend. Very childish stuff. Nobody said much about it until the article.

Matt Besser a member of the Upright Citizens Brigade. He is also the Executive Producer of Comedy Central's Crossballs. He started a thread over at the Improv Message Board. It starts on page 8 and responses go up. Don't ask me why. ... 907&page=8
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Postby Bill Palmer » 11/17/05 07:31 AM

It's kind of funny and kind of sad at the same time. Wannabees feuding over what they perceive as the "death" of SNL.

For some of us, SNL died when Chevy Chase, Belushi and Aykroyd left. Others came from a later generation of SNL people. SNL has one thing the improv theatre doesn't -- a network.

This reminds me of magic in a way. They should start a forum. They could call it "The Improv Dinner Theatre."
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby Brian Marks » 11/17/05 09:56 AM

SNL does recruit from improv theaters. UCB theater being one of them, Second City & the Groundlings. Juvie Hall will not be a theater they recruit from. In fact if Saturday Night Rewritten is on your resume, you pretty much black balled at SNL. Thats also a shame because there are some pretty good people who have attached themselves to this copycat project.

Alot of SNL writers/performers are extremely talented in live performance. I have seen many here in NYC perform. It hurts to see SNL sucking because I know these people are good.
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