Richard Wiseman's Colour Changing Card Trick

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Postby David Britland » 04/29/07 10:19 AM

I think I can safely say that this is the most unusual colour changing card trick ever :)

Colour Changing Card Trick

Sleight free too!
David Britland
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Postby Guest » 04/29/07 10:39 AM

Great David!Thank you for sharing!
May I try a shy little divination with you?
You have a packet of mints near you.

Postby Lisa Cousins » 04/29/07 10:58 AM

Fantastic! I love how Richard Wiseman draws attention to our human perceptual blind spots in ways that are fun and hilarious. You often find a lurking boogeyman in these type of demonstrations, one that's chanting if you can't trust your own experience, what can you trust? If that boogeyman's in there, I'm not perceiving it.
Lisa Cousins
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Postby Guest » 04/29/07 01:49 PM

I loved the gorilla, which I assume is an homage to the well-known count-the-basketball-passes video, which is here at the University of Illinois Visual Cognition lab.

Don't forget to read the instructions before clicking on "View the 'basketball' video."

I wonder if David's link works on non-magicians. We're so attuned to tracking the method.

Postby Brad Henderson » 04/29/07 05:23 PM

Just tested it with laymen. It does.
Brad Henderson
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Postby Guest » 04/29/07 06:54 PM

Fun video demonstration.

more info on this idea here:

Can be fun when applied. ;)

Postby Guest » 05/06/07 12:16 PM

Yes, one of the most amusing card tricks I've ever seen.

Wiseman is living proof of 'nominative determinism' !

Postby Guest » 06/07/07 09:36 AM

this is fabulous.

Didnt Richard have a card trick based on a similar idea published in one of the magic magazines a couple of years ago?

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