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Discussions of new films, books, television shows, and media indirectly related to magic and magicians. For example, there may be a book on mnemonics or theatrical technique we should know or at least know about.

Postby Guest » 09/16/06 02:19 PM

I see over on the banner the book "The Glorious Deception: The Double Life of William Robinson, aka Chung Ling Soo, the "Marvelous Chinese Congurer". Wow what a mouthful.

Anyway I have two questions. One, has anyone read it, and what do you think? The second question has to do with Mr. Robinson. My history is a little shaky, but is that the guy that was killed doing a Bullet Catching Trick?

Postby Frank Dudgeon » 09/16/06 04:14 PM

The Glorious Deception is a great read - highly recommended. The history of magic is fascinating and Mr. Steinmeyer does a marvelous job of making it come to life.

Mr. Robinson was indeed killed performing the Bullet Catch. Just the last of a series of fascinating facts about the man. Read the book.

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Postby Guest » 09/16/06 05:29 PM

Read anything and everything by Mr. Steinmeyer. Your knowledge and your magic will only increase.

Postby Guest » 09/17/06 01:20 PM

Thanks guys. I'll click through and pick it up.

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