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Discussions of new films, books, television shows, and media indirectly related to magic and magicians. For example, there may be a book on mnemonics or theatrical technique we should know or at least know about.

Postby Guest » 01/05/07 09:10 AM

you look a like it. Not a lot!

:) :) :)

http://www.lookalikes-susanscott.co.uk/ ... aniels.htm

Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/05/07 09:50 AM

He looks vaguely like Paul Daniels did 20 years ago, but certainly nothing like Paul Daniels does today.
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Postby Guest » 01/05/07 11:51 AM

He's got the hair line, but those teeth. Dear God, those teeth!!!!!!


Postby Guest » 01/06/07 12:43 AM

Where's the Debbie McGee look-alike?

Postby Guest » 01/06/07 05:34 AM

He actually looks far more like David Nixon. Maybe he changed over when the public started asking "David who?"

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