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Postby Guest » 12/06/07 12:05 AM

Back in October, I reported about a DVD that had been released by David Penn of a bending wine glass routine that was done in the hands.

Well, the original post is gone now, but I feel that it's time for a followup. Jim Trainer and David Penn have made contact with Ted Lesley both by telephone and face-to-face and have apparently gotten square with him on this version of the Bending Wine Glass.

I'm glad to see that they have taken the time to settle the matter, although I feel this should have been done prior to the release of the DVD.

According to Jim, Ted had basically dismissed the idea of doing an in the hands version of this, because he didn't think it was practical.

David's routine is very good and his handling is quite convincing.

My only complaint is that I think the price is too low.

I hope they sell a bunch of them!

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