routines related to the 5 senses

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Postby Jacky Kahan » 09/13/05 02:08 PM


I'm looking for routines (Close-up) related to the 5 senses, any help or inspiration is welcome !
I need one or more routines per sense...

Thanks in advance

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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 09/13/05 02:47 PM

"Sleight of Ear" from Close Up Seductions by Paul Harris.
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Postby Ian Kendall » 09/13/05 02:57 PM

If you do 'Powers of Darkness' (Pabular, Lifesavers, Caveney's Ideas) you can cover touch and sight at the same time. Similar things can be done with loops.

Fizz Master might work for taste...

Blockhead might work for smell (somehow...)

If you really want to scrape the barrel there's something like spongeballs for touch (you didn't feel the extra ball yada yada)

Take care, Ian
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Postby Brian Morton » 09/13/05 04:11 PM

Roth's "Tuning Fork" and Gertner's "A Familiar Ring" both are all about sound....

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Postby Guest » 09/13/05 04:51 PM

Gene Anderson sold a routine for the Si Stebbins Stack and the entire premise is the senses and how they help the cardician to find selected cards. Three dollars, from Gene directly...

Bobo has a great trick called "The Pulse Trick", I think it is - patter about the sense of touch and of sight being affected - it is a simple vanish and reproduction, but beautifully cloaked by the presentation - I have used it for years...

Corinda's "Powers of Darkness" was nicely re-done by Mike Caveney using coathangers. I have used simple wire hangers right out of my closet and done the trick for years - it is great - better than the "Paper Balls over the Head" since it can be presented in a different way - more like a demonstration than as a joke at the spectator's expense...

Don't forget the "bits of business" like switching a watch for keys under a hank, then throwing the "watch" to the floor - sounds like it is smashing. Switch back for the "restoration"...

Or, the gimmick for making a coin jump - it was a round piece of thin metal that you pushed down, and when it cooled it snapped back making the coin jump - this makes a noise that sounds exactly like glass cracking - show the crystal from a watch, substitute a cracked one under a hank with the gimmick sewn in the hem. Set all on the table and wait for the gimmick to go off - they "hear" the crystal "crack" from the "power of your mind"!

Or the gag where you ask the spectator to pull your arm, since it is out of its' socket - they pull and hear this awful cracking of bones as your arm is snapped back in place. A plactic cup under the arm will do the trick...

Lots of "sight" gags too - look at all the bits for strectching your arms, etc. "My Best" by Thompson had a whole sequence of things with your hands, arms, etc...

Best, PSC

Postby Guest » 09/13/05 05:01 PM

In Ron Bauers CENT-sitivity!, you fool the spectators sense of touch with your FOOL THE SENSE OF TOUCH TEST KIT, from back in your MAGIC SCHOOL days. Available for free at Dan Turcottes You Do Magic Website.

Postby Bob Gerdes » 09/13/05 05:43 PM

Check out Slydini's "Sweet Salt" from Slydini Encores for an excellent close-up trick involving taste.

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Postby Jon Elion » 09/13/05 07:41 PM

How about "The Five Senses" by Jim Steinmeyer? This was first described in Jim's 1992 lecture notes Strange Powers and Other Problems for Magicians, and later reprinted in his Conjuring column in Magic magazine, July 1997.
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Postby Rafael Benatar » 09/14/05 04:12 PM

There is a convention, run by my friend Mago Migue, related to the five senses. Each year, one of the senses is the main theme, mainly for the ads and posters, but some of it trascends to the magic . Check
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Postby NCMarsh » 09/14/05 07:10 PM

Sight, Touch, and Sound can be POWERFULLY covered with the Tamariz "sense" routines in Mnemonica (mostly in part library is a few hundred miles from me at the moment or I would have the specific titles and page numbers for you). Though not covered by Tamariz himself, it would certainly be possible to create a routine based on the same principles that dealt with smell and perhaps even taste


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Postby Stefano » 09/17/05 04:11 AM

I think with just some thoughts you may adapt the wonderful Gipsy Thread routine, at your request.
You can make more memorable it by using the patter of five senses.

Look at The Fine Art of Magic by George Kaplan for an interested handling.
Hope it may help :)

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Postby Jacky Kahan » 09/17/05 09:58 AM

Hi all !

Many thanks for ALL your suggestions!

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