Han Ping Chien Move

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Postby Guest » 05/02/05 11:49 PM

Does anyone recommend any particular video demonstration of The Han Ping Chien move with coins.

Once saw Michael Ammar demonstrate it on an old coin magic video, where I think he was performing Mike Gallo's New Wave Coins across. Has anyone ever seen that video?

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Postby Sean Piper » 05/03/05 04:54 AM

Michael Rubinstein does a very good job of explaining the basic on his Encyclopedia DVD.

Also for some unique variations take a look at Jay Sankey's Revolutionary Coin Magic tape.
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Postby Joe Z » 05/03/05 06:22 AM

Johnny Thompson expertly demonstrates the Han Ping Chien move on volume one of his Commercial Classics DVDs.

Joe Z.
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