Where was the Braue Addition first described?

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Postby Guest » 07/28/06 03:15 AM

In Roberto Giobbi's Card College Vol. 1 is given the following credit:"See The Royal Road to Card Magic, page 191".
However, on page 191"The Reverses" I see no Braue Addition.
Perhaps on page 114 in "Gathering of the Clan"? But how can I link the move to Braue and not Hugard.
Is there a better reference for the move?

Postby Guest » 07/28/06 04:35 AM

some sources=

Lorayne, Harry: Harry Lorayne's Personal Collection
Page 003 Braue Secret Addition

Ortiz, Darwin: Scams & Fantasies with Cards
Page 144 ..... Ace in the Pocket (Braue Add-on)

Mentzer, Jerry: Counts, Cuts, Moves & Subtlety
Page 9 Concealed Reversal: addition to Braue Reversal

Trost, Nick - The Cardmagic of Nick Trost
Pages 306 Braue Addition

Ortiz, Darwin: Darwin Ortiz At the Card Table
Page 19 Jacks Open
Braue Secret Addition Handling

Mentzer, Jerry: Packet Tricks
Page 15 Peter Kane's Jazz Aces: As also found in Another Card Session with Peter Kane, and Combined Card Session, this is an Ace Assembly routine. Uses one-ahead principle and the Elmsley count. Also uses the Braue Addition.

Hugard, Jean; Braue, Fred:
Page 171 Secret addition of cards to the pack, a, b, c

Hope this helps,

Postby Guest » 07/28/06 07:12 AM

It is very kind of you to give me some source for the move but I know the move.
I try to track the first appearance of the move in magic literature.
Note that on page 174 of ECT is discussed "Secret addition of cards to the pack" and not the Braue Addition.

Postby Jason England » 07/30/06 11:04 PM


Although I don't have a page number, I believe the earliest reference is in Hugard's Magic Monthly, where it is called the 'Secret Addition.'

Perhaps someone here can provide a page number?

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Postby Guest » 07/31/06 04:14 AM

HMM Vol.2 p.119; Vol.3 pp.135,145.

Postby Guest » 07/31/06 05:50 AM

Thank you very much for your help.
I really appreciate it.


Postby Jason England » 07/31/06 08:37 PM


Thanks for helping out. Any way you could look and see if a date is attached to that issue?

I don't have HMM or I'd check myself.

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Postby Guest » 08/01/06 02:13 AM

April and August (2) 1945


Postby Philippe Billot » 08/05/06 12:51 AM

More precisely :
Hugard's Magic Monthly
Vol. 2, N12, May 1945, page 119
The Secret Addition by Fred Braue

and Vol. 3, N 2, July 1945, page 135

"A modification of this sleight which is faster in action and even more deceptive"
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