best source of magic books?

A place where beginners can participate, ask questions, and post their views. However, beginners typically ask a lot of questions about sources, tricks, books, and so on. In fact, all magicians are interested (or should be) in the provenance of tricks, ideas, and related matters. This department will service these needs.

Postby Guest » 01/27/07 01:23 PM

I would like to know a reliable, economical source for magic books;there are so many out there...I wouldn't at all mind getting used versions to cut down the cost, if possible...

Postby Guest » 01/27/07 02:21 PM

IMOH H & R Magic is the best of the best. Richard Hatch is a reliable, prompt and a helpful source for just about anything magic book related. If he does not have the book you're looking for he'll help ya find it. Years ago I ordered a book from H&R and he didn't have it in stock. Then one day he sent me the book and told me to pay for it next time I ordered from him. That's good business. H&R is the way to go!


P.S. I paid for the book BTW.
P.P.S. Also consider a little known company called Kaufman and Co. They seem to be pretty reputable.

Postby Guest » 01/27/07 04:23 PM

I'd like to big up H&R Magic Books as well. They are the best...


Postby Guest » 01/27/07 07:27 PM

Yes!!! H&R is the ticket. Great service and one of the most knowledgeable guys around (Mr. Hatch that is).


Postby Guest » 01/27/07 07:32 PM

Definitely, for books go with H&R. Richard Hatch was one of the first to support my ebook efforts and he has ever since given me great advice and support.


Postby Guest » 01/27/07 09:02 PM

I too dont think you can go wrong with H & R, if my experience is any indication. But there are other sources, too, and I think Dick Hatch would agree. If you are looking for anything beyond the commonplace, you need more than one source. You asked about reliability. Thats important, and it has several dimensions. It can mean prompt shipment and good packing. More importantly, it can also mean having a source of advice that you can trust even if it means that a sale may be lost. In my experience, H & R is that kind of a dealer. So is John Cannon at Aladdin Books [(714) 738-6115] in Fullerton, CA, whose integrity is extremely difficult to match. Try Byron Walker as well, in San Leandro, CA.

Happy hunting, and remember that economical does not always equal best value.


Postby Guest » 01/27/07 09:26 PM

Thanks, guys! In addition to Byron Walker and John Cannon, mentioned above by Clay, let me add a few others I recommend checking with (in no particular order):
Dan Bradbury of Bradbury Books and Beyond (, Andy Greget (no email or web presence, but a great inventory), Kenna Thompson (, George Daily (no website but active on eBay and a member of this forum), Mario Carrandi (also a member of this forum), and Ted Bogusta ( I've purchased books from all the above and have been happy with my purchases. Many brick and mortar shops also have a shelf of used books. Denny of Denny and Lee does, for example. I also recommend watching the magic book sales on eBay for occasional bargains and using to check for general public titles.
There are plenty of source for good used magic books. We typically discount good used copies of still in print titles by 20%, more if condition not good, so used books can be a cost effective way to build a good working library.

Postby Matthew Field » 01/28/07 04:06 AM

H&R is my first choice. Richard Hatch is a knowledgable magician and H&R provide reliable, friendly service.

To the sources listed above I'd add Magic Books by Post in the UK and Abe Books (The Automated Book Exchange) or in the UK

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Postby Guest » 01/28/07 02:53 PM

Thanks for the advice...just completed first order from H & R...can't wait to get cracking on Aronson's strip-out shuffle...

Postby Guest » 01/28/07 04:57 PM

All due respect to Matt, but ABEBooks, while perhaps reliable so far as shipping goes, is not a good source for someone who needs advice, good counsel, etc. -- in fact, there is no advice or good counsel, and most of the magic books on ABE are overpriced. ABE does not belong in the group mentioned above because it is an entirely different creature. That said, if you know what you are doing, ABE is a great resource.

Postby Guest » 01/29/07 06:20 PM

One of the little known problems by those who use some book search engines is that they alot a specific amount of time to the search and no more. The results you are given are those that can be brought up in the nanoseconds of search time your particular search has been given.

You are not necessarily seeing all the books available. I know this because books I've had on consignment with a dealer-friend did not come up in a search when we knew they were on the list.

I can only second Clay's recommendation of John Cannon at Aladdin Books. John is knowledgeable in his area and highly ethical. A good source.

Postby Guest » 02/04/07 08:31 PM

Thanks for all the suggestions...I have since made two purchaes through H & R and am very satisfied with the level of promptness and personal service.

Postby Dick Koornwinder » 03/05/07 07:05 AM

Last Monday afternoon I was reading the book reviews in the February issue of Genii magazine and I decided to order one of the books at H & R. Last Friday I had the pleasure to find in my mailbox the priority flat rate mailer with the ordered items. At the same day I even received a refund on my Paypal account because the postage was lower as estimated. This all happened within 5 days!! So I have no doubt about the fact who is the number one. Especially for European magicians the choice is easy.
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