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Postby Guest » 02/09/04 07:58 PM

My first thumb tip (which I still have) was different than the classic Vernet tip many of us buy.
It may be a Vernet, I'm not certain, but it is slightly longer (though not as long as the king-size tip) than the classic Vernet and the opening has a slight bevel to the edge. You'd think it would be visible, but since you are pointing your thumb at people, that is not the case.
At any rate, the tip with the bevel can easily accomodate a 12" silk load, which the classic Vernet tip cannot.
Does anyone know what tip I'm talking about? Is it a Vernet? Where can I get them?



Postby Nicholas » 04/08/04 07:54 PM

I am new to this forum and saw your post. I have never seen a TT like you describe. However, I recently ran across a rubber, rather than plastic, Vernet TT. What I noticed about it is that it is a bit longer than the regular Vernet TT but not quite as long as the large. It will definately hold more than the regular plactic TT. And, the finish is more satin so there's no shine at all. I purchased mine at The Cuckoo's Nest in Pittsburgh, PA. If you do a search for Cuckoo's Nest magic, you should be able to find their website. Again, I hope this may be of some help.
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