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Postby Guest » 10/30/04 03:26 PM

In Workers 1, Michael Close uses the effect "Tearing a Two into Two Ones" as a "blow off" to the routine Dr. Strangetrick.

He lists Jerry Mentzer's "Close Up Cavalcade" and Ammar's "Encore 3" as sources for the Tearing a Two effect.

Which of these two sources are recommended? Are there other sources for the Tearing a Two into Two Ones effect?

Thanks for your help.

Postby Jeff Haas » 10/31/04 12:19 AM

I'd suggest Ammar's "Encore 3."

He's selling it as a downloadable ebook now...at less than when I bought it back in the 80's.


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Postby Gerald Deutsch » 10/31/04 09:37 AM

Lu Brent published his "Two into Ones" in the November 1948 issue of "Hugards Magic Monthly".

A two dollar bill is an unusual thing and I don't think an effect should be started with such an object. I think it would be better to have a ten dollar bill become two fives.
(Or, as perverse magic borrow a twenty and say you will change it into two tens and get two fives and then say "Damn!" and give the spectator the two fives and reach into your pocket for a ten.)

A two dollar bill can be produced at the end of an effect and in such a case it should be able to be examined.
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Postby Guest » 10/31/04 05:00 PM

Are there other sources for the Tearing a Two into Two Ones effect?
The penultimate version of this is Bill Pryor's "Impossible Dream" (I think that's the right name.)

Effect: A $2 is transformed into two $1's... and then the two ones are melded into a $5! It's gaffed to the hilt, but looks clean as a whistle. The front and backs of each bill are cleanly shown throughout the effect.

Bill had a website... but a quick google search was fruitless. Anyone know where professor Pryor's wares can be obtained?

Honrable mention; A good reference for the $20 into two $10's is "In Concert" (Magic of Roger Klause by Lance Pierce) said handling could be used for $2 to two $1's. I think this M.O. is better than the Gaffed/Ammar Handling

Postby Steve Hook » 10/31/04 07:19 PM

Here ya go, Doug:

Prof. Pryor\'s Magic Emporium

There are three tricks listed on this page but there is also a link to a PDF catalog which has many more.

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