Urgent Question About Keller/Kellar Coin Catcher!

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Postby Guest » 10/19/05 03:52 PM

Hi All

[Please forgive the posting to multiple forums, but I need a reply within 5 hours, and the forums all seemed relevant to my question]

I want to buy the Keller Coin Catcher, and I'm confused because there may be several versions out there.

One eBay store is selling this for $3.00 (Buy Now) brand new, which seems extremely cheap given that Hank Lee charges $21.50, Magic Warehouse $15.00. Another seller has the Morrissey version for $9.97, hending in 5 hours (hence the "Urgent" in the title).

1) First of all, does the name Keller/Kellar refer to a specific product, or are multiple companies making different products using that name, with differing quality, ease of use, etc?

2) If there are multiple versions, which is the best?

3) Is there a difference between the Keller and Kellar versions, or is this just mispelling?

4) Magic Warehouse's ad states that "The modified gimmick has been engineered to make the production as easy as possible, without the finger-fumbling associated with the other versions".
Does anyone know to which version(s) they are referring?


Postby Pete Biro » 10/19/05 04:58 PM

It is Kellar, with an A not and E. It refers to a STYLE of coin catcher. Basically it holds maybe 10-12 coins and you push them out one at a time with your thumb. They are pushed up by an internal spring.

Who's is best?

Don't know. The cheap ones are probably KO'd by laborers in India, but could be just fine.

NONE are really what I would call expensive.

Buy the middle priced one.
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 10/20/05 12:08 AM

Thanks, Pete.

Postby Bill Palmer » 11/10/05 11:32 PM

George Robinson makes one that has a slanted area where the coins come out. It is made specially to be held inside the coin bucket when working the miser's dream.
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