Robert-Houdin's The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic

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Postby Guest » 12/23/04 03:32 PM

To the bibliophiles among us I present a question regarding Jean-Eugne Robert-Houdin's Les Secrets de la Prestidigitation et de la Magie. I know that the first edition was published in France in 1868. The book was translated from the French by Professor Hoffmann and published in English in 1878 as The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic. Who published the first English edition? Does anyone know what the print run was?

The cover of my copy is dark blue, and at the bottom of the title page is the following:

George Routledge and Sons, Limited
Broadway, Ludgate Hill
Glasgow, Manchester and New York


Do I own a first edition?

I have also seen copies that look similar to mine, except they were bound in a rust colored cloth. Are these copies first editions?

Finally, has the English edition ever been reprinted?


Postby Guest » 12/23/04 04:17 PM

Cameron, I just went and checked and mine is also

a Routlage edition and bound in , I would call it,

maroon cloth but it could possibly be called rust.

I can find no date but it is a fourth edition,

marked as such. There are some ads for other books

in the back ( 4 pages )Mike

Postby Matthew Field » 12/24/04 05:18 AM

Cameron -- All my books are currently in storage, but I have a reprint, I believe by Magico.

One of my favorite books, by the way.

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