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Postby Guest » 07/23/06 05:30 AM

I am starting to put out books for those new to magic. I have several on

The newest is Fast Track Coin Magic.

Its goal is to move someone from nowhere to master status. Part of the book is devoted on how to start performing and become competant quickly. Another part is about basic moves. Standard moves are presented and the Al Schneider way is presented. Then some tricks are offered that do not require extream skill. They are powerful effects however.

I hope some of you find this fascinating.
Al Schneider

Postby Guest » 08/24/07 02:41 PM

Thank you, Mr Schneider, for posting this.

I want to start coin magic and this seemed ideal for me. I can do a few sleights but I have difficulty incorporating them in a coherent routine.

It is my birthday in October and I am persuading my son to buy this for me.

Thanks again.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/25/07 09:19 AM

Al Schneider is a great guy, smarter than hell, and a wonderful magician with a very dry performance style that suits him perfectly.

Unfortunately, some ding-dongs gave him some [censored] here on the Forum about a year ago and he hasn't been back since and also stopped contributing to Genii at the same time.
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Postby Guest » 08/25/07 06:23 PM

My Dad the late Billy Bishop had a dealers table next to or across the aisle from a dealers table that was occupied by Al Schneider. This was at the Chicago Top Hat Convention back in the 80's.

My dad told me in the car driving to this convention that he thought Al Schneider one of the finest magicians that he ever saw do magic.

That was quite a thing for my Dad to say. He "knew" Dai Vernon, Jerry Andres, Roland Hamblen, Jimmy Stoppard -well most of the top names magician of his day.

I would like to say that I agree with his opinion and Al Schneider was very giving of magic that day. Not only did he teach me the pop up move with coins - watching him do matrix and the zombie was a treat beyond words.

Yes I am an Al Schneider fan. I own his DVD set and feel lucky to own them. His DVD on "magic theory" is more than worth the small investment in money, as well as the rest of the set.

And I was lucky to have met him and see him do many of these things in person.

Postby Guest » 08/26/07 04:54 AM

Many years ago, at a Tannens Jubilee, Al did the Zombie during the Saturday morning closeup. I'm not a big fan of that effect but his performance blew me away. It was AWESOME.

Truly a wonderful performer!!!


Postby Brandon Hall » 09/13/07 01:30 PM

I always felt Al has a brilliant mind. In my opinion his matrix is simple and elegant. His Zombie techniques are second to none...but as a performer, not so much.
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Postby Guest » 09/13/07 10:27 PM

Al's performances are intriguing and very magical. There is never any confusion as to what is what the effect is. He is not a professional entertainer and his style is quiet, allowing the magic to be at the forefront.

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