Magic in Vegas outwith Magic Live!

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Postby Guest » 04/26/07 12:26 PM

I am holidaying in Las Vegas in August. This will be my first time, however as I didn't know exactly when I was going I was unable to register for Magic Live!
My question is this, if I come on the weekend of Magic Live! will there still be enough magic shows outwith this event for me to enjoy or would I be better to leave it until it had finished?

Postby Guest » 04/26/07 12:51 PM

C'mon! Its VEGAS! I've still not seen/done everything.....

If you're around during week of 8/19 - contact me. We'll be partying in our rooms @ the Orleans starting on the 19th, around 10pm...

Postby Guest » 05/06/07 01:22 PM

Thanks for the invite.
I am coming on the 22nd until the 29th. So maybe nearer the time.
Where is the best site/s to find out or book tickets for shows when I come?
Should I try and book them before I come or wait until I am there?

Thanks in advance


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