Leading With Your Head?

A place where beginners can participate, ask questions, and post their views. However, beginners typically ask a lot of questions about sources, tricks, books, and so on. In fact, all magicians are interested (or should be) in the provenance of tricks, ideas, and related matters. This department will service these needs.

Postby mark » 06/15/03 02:16 PM

I was just wondering if anyone might tell me where I could obtain a copy of Gary Kurtz's "Leading With Your Head." I appreciate any help you might provide,

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Postby Lance Pierce » 06/15/03 02:44 PM

When I last checked, Stevens Magic Emporium had some in stock.

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Postby Ian Kendall » 06/16/03 03:37 AM

Have you tried Gary direct? His address is at the back of the book, but my copy is at home so I can't help there :(

Maybe someone else has it to hand?

Take care, Ian
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Postby mike cookman » 06/16/03 08:27 AM

Yeah, Joe Stevens stocks it. Leading With Your Head is a great book. Everybody should read it.
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Postby Dan Smith » 07/01/03 12:52 PM

I ordered my copy from lierpoll.com. Excellent site with interesting material. CHere's the link for Leading With Your Head: http://www.leirpoll.com/leading.htm

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