Ordering from Gordon Bean -- any problems?

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Postby Guest » 02/15/05 10:16 AM

Am I the only person having a problem receiving an order from Gordon Bean? I sent him an order directly (by snail mail, using his web site address) in mid-December, enclosing a cashier's check for payment. No order received in four weeks, so in mid-January I emailed him, asking when I could expect the order. No response. I emailed him again the other day. No response.

Should I be concerned, or is this delay to be expected (I should hope not, but...)?

Anybody out there with a similar experience, or with any suggestions? Thanks!

Postby Gordon Bean » 02/15/05 02:05 PM

My deepest apologies. It's just come to my attention that I haven't been getting the e-mail from the website address, so if anyone's tried to use that address and received no reply, my silence meant nothing more than that. The best address to use is gordontbean@hotmail.com. If Mr. Chaucer would e-mail me there, I'll get him his merchandise asap. (Along with a compensatory bonus.)
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Postby Guest » 02/16/05 08:49 AM

Thanks for your speedy and gracious reply, Gordon!

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