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Postby TOBIAS » 05/12/04 02:47 AM

These are a list of passes I know. But am not sure where they are writen up. I would like help to track down the first place they where published and by whom. I hate talking to people and not knowing the names of people and not knowing where I can point the person to the credits, so that they might find the work for them selves.
1) Classic pass
2) Classic cover pass
3) Riffle classic pass
4) Dribble pass
5) Middle packet pass
6) Look at bottom classic pass
7) Classic pass cut
8) Jiggle pass
9) Half a jiggle pass
10) Herman pass
11) Dribble Herman pass
12) Spring Herman pass
13) Midnight shift
14) Malone shift
15) Lepaul spread pass
16) Jack Carpenter conve. pass
17) PS pass
18) Wrist turn pass
19) SWE shift
20) Erdnase one hand shift
21) Table edge pass
22) Wrist tilt Herman pass
23) Water fall pass (cascade control)
24) Pull up sleeves Herman pass
25) Half pass
26) Bluff pass
27) Coach roach pass
28) Float pass
29) Lepaul Invisible turn over
30) Circle shift
31) Justin Haynes stand up pass Herman
32) Side swipe shift
33) Tan Hock Chuan pass
34) Marlo Thompson bluff pass
35) Snap pass
36) Pocket pass
37) GM shift
38) Black pass
39) Sprong hinge pass
40) Hollingsworth floating pass
41) Hong Kong pass
42) Coffin pass
43) Free turn pass

Any help would be great.
Thank You... :genii:
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Postby Guest » 05/12/04 10:31 AM

I suggest you peruse/study the books below...
Most of your questions will be answered.

Expert at the Card Table (Erdnase)
Card Magic of LePaul (Paul LePaul)
Card Finesse (Racherbaumer)
Collected Works of Derek Dingle (Kaufman)
Secrets Draun from the Underground (Kaufman)
M.I.N.T. (Marlo)
Ultra Cervon (Cervon/Minch)

I offer no apologies for lack of exact credits/references; IMO these are GREAT books and should be 'required study' for any close-up/card enthusiast.

Good luck in your hunt.

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