A Source for Silks in Hong Kong?

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Postby Guest » 08/30/04 06:21 PM

Hi, everybody out there!

Can anybody help me by letting me know of places in Hong Kong where I can buy silks for magic? I'll be in Hong Kong next month and am assuming (hoping, crossing my fingers) that silks would be somewhat less expensive there (I may be wrong, but want to check it out).

Any names of companies (and addresses, if possible) would be greatly appreciated.


Postby Steve V » 08/30/04 06:44 PM

Check before you buy. Many items have quotas in the US and after the quota is met, usually very quickly, the duties and taxes can be quite high, high enough to make that great deal not seem so great.
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Postby Wolfgang » 08/31/04 03:07 PM

Are you looking for a couple magic silks, or are you looking to buy a whole bunch wholesale. For the later I could probably help you out there, however the duties, taxes will be ridiculous.
If you are just looking for a couple than I remember there was a company called Chu's Magic and they were in HK.
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Postby Guest » 09/04/04 11:51 AM

Thanks, Wolfgang, for the Chu's Magic lead. I am interested in only a smaller number of silks for my personal use. Thanks, too, for the warning about duty, taxes, etc.

Any other silk outlet suggestions in Hong Kong would be appreciated!

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