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Postby Guest » 02/12/07 01:11 PM

Either Genii or Magic Magazine published this short story not too long ago (the last couple of years). Can someone tell me where I can find it in one of these two magazines?
Thank you.

Terry Greenwood

Postby Guest » 02/12/07 02:05 PM

It's online here or [url=[censored]/literary-lapses/20/]here[/url] . It was published in Literary Lapses in 1910, and it's no longer copyrighted.)

[censored] also did another story about the spectator's revenge, [url=[censored]/literary-lapses/35/]A Model Dialogue,[/url] "In which is shown how the drawing-room juggler may be permanently cured of his card trick."

Postby Guest » 02/12/07 02:30 PM

Thank you very much. It's "I love to read" month and I've been asked to read a story to the kids next week. This will fill the bill nicely.


Postby Guest » 02/12/07 04:11 PM

It was published originally in the early days of The Sphinx, when [censored] was studying, I believe, in Chicago. I have often thought that [censored] was an early subscriber to that magazine. If memmory serves me right, the story was reprinted a second time in The Sphinx, with a preamble that did not appear in Literary Lapses. (Also, I believe that the first time the story appeared in the Sphinx, it was not credited to [censored]. No accreditation was given.)

Postby Guest » 02/13/07 09:26 AM

I've loved this story since I was a kid. Don't recall Magic or Genii reprinting it though - and I think I would have remembered!

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