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Postby Guest » 10/07/05 12:15 PM

Anyone have any ideas on authentic gambling routines? Especially something with Hold 'em Poker?


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Postby Guest » 10/07/05 01:25 PM

How are you defining 'authenic'?
Steve V

Postby Q. Kumber » 10/07/05 04:58 PM

I suspect by authentic, he means genuine.
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Postby Guest » 10/07/05 07:53 PM

Well, then I would say any routine is authenic. I'm not sure what would make a routine not authenic. Odd question.
Steve V

Postby Dustin Stinett » 10/07/05 09:28 PM


One can 'fake' false dealing, etc. via other means. I have a 'mucking' routine that doesn't require a palm, let alone a muck.

So, by 'authentic,' I suspect that Phil wants to know of any published routines that use (and I assume by means of demonstration) actual moves used by cheaters for Texas Hold'em.

I am unaware of any.

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Postby John Wilson » 10/07/05 10:42 PM

I suppose if you wanted to expose methods, you wouldn't need a "routine" per say. Just show clearly where the cards are and deal them from those positions i.e. second or bottom. If you just want to demonstrate that you are capable of cheating then I guess you could run up a hand or blind shuffle cards to the bottom, hop the cut and either deal through and reveal your stacked hand or deal the bottoms to your hand as the case may be. Not exactly the most entertaining thing in the world, but it's not supposed to be.
Only poker shuffles should be used and all methods used should fall into standard dealing procedures. That is if you want a so-called "real" cheating demonstration. There are plenty of "fake" cheating demonstrations and these seem to be much more entertaining than (assuming your work is invisible ) just shuffling and dealing cards. :sleep:

For a quick hold'em cheating demonstration I will riffle stack two cards for a requested number of hands (With a little practice this can be done with one shuffle), deal them into a called-for position by use of a strike second, and base deal to complete the hand, usually for a winning four of a kind.

While this "routine" uses some "real" methods, I most certainly do not apply them in the manner that a cheater would. (quads are a bit obvious for one) A cheater doesn't need but slight assistance to relieve a mark of his money. As Vernon so often stated "one card, one card" that's all a cheat really needs. One card is not, however, very impressive to a layman and therefore doesn't make for much of a "routine".

Hope this was helpful.
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Postby NCMarsh » 10/11/05 12:00 PM

"...gambling routines are not about reality; they're about fantasy wish fulfillment"

-- Darwin Ortiz, Scams and Fantasies with Cards, 44 Orlando Magician
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Postby Guest » 10/11/05 09:56 PM

Originally posted by Nathan Coe Marsh:
"...gambling routines are not about reality; they're about fantasy wish fulfillment"

-- Darwin Ortiz, Scams and Fantasies with Cards, 44
Real gambling is deadly boring when you aren't actually playing, and the percentage scams that get the money reliably and unobtrusively don't play well as magic.

Dealing yourself four of a kind or a royal flush is the kind of inauthentic but flashy thing that looks good as a demo.

If you want authentic, however, the two most authentic gambling routines are Three Card Monte, and the Ten Card Poker deal. Both have clear outcomes, and both are used in real life.

Postby NCMarsh » 10/12/05 07:28 PM

obviously, fantasies have to feel real -- or they are not any fun...


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Postby Guest » 11/28/05 04:11 AM

I'm curious, the original poster hasn't responded.

I'm also curious as to how he defines, "authentic." I know how I define it, but I've learned it's not always the same.

Postby Guest » 12/02/05 07:46 AM

Ive used the following for the last while, and it looks both very real (cause it sorta is) and impressive.

I use the get lucky stack to stack 8 cards: 2 for my hand, 2 for someone elses and four on the flop.

What this means is that I can stack for a spec to get a flush (usually what I do) and I end up drawing a full house on the river.

Why do I use a flush and full house? one, it can be stacked without a problem, and two, I use this for guys and gals who know and play poker.

Who hasnt lost to a full house when they had a flush? Its not the most common situation, but one that every poker player has faced at one time or another.

So the trick is this: four hands are dealt (get lucky stack, right?) and one spec has lets say AK of hearts to my 44.

flop comes up with 2 hearts, one of which is a 7, and another 7 (so 7H, 7S, 10H). Turn is another heart.

I then point out that I need a 7 or 4 to win. several options here.

My fave is:
tell them that the odds of hitting one of those cards on the river is slim... and then show the card (which is NOT a 7 or 4)... IF I was playing fair. Which Im not.

The you can do any change (I use a magic change: impulse, twirl, topchange, whatever) to change it to a 7 or 4. Obviously, you could have them pick which one you want it to change into, and do it that way...

but its a nice little display.

The problem with hold em is that the picture isnt as clear. stack it so that you recieve 2 aces in your hand and the 2 other ones spread out among the flop-river.

The final picture is no where near as pretty as dealing yourself 4 aces...

So, Im still a fan of stuff like vernons poker deal.

You can deal out a royal flush to yourself in holdem, but you might have to point it out...

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