Dr. Jaks "Four Blacks" first published?

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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 09:52 PM

I believe the name of the routine is "Four Blacks" ...but I was wondering where it was first published? Or if the source is obscure, perhaps other references to it.

Thank you


Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/30/04 10:06 PM

"The Four Blacks" by Dr. Jaks was a staple of the Lou Tannen catalogues for many years. This from my childhood recollections.
Never saw the routine. It might have appeared in The Phoenix as well.
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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 10:17 PM

Remember those great issues of Top Hat Topics that Lou would send out??? I loved seeing pictures of that old panel truck Lou used as his rolling magic shop!!


Postby Philippe Billot » 12/18/04 06:06 AM

I haven't found The Four Blacks in The Phoenix but in The Gen, Vol 8, N3, July 1952, page 72
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Postby Guest » 12/18/04 07:16 AM

The Four Blacks is also included in Dr. Jaks lecture notes he made up in the 1940's. Four black plastic cards were shown on all sides utilizing a multiple lift turnover. Two piles of two cards were placed on the table and one pile selected. Next a card was selected and the two indicated black cards were seperated to find the card with the same amount of pips on it.

When Lou Tannen put it out on the market, he included a gaffed double card so in effect the selected cards pips vanished for when the deck was spread the card was not seen but only a blank card in its place. Then the two black cards were seperated revealing the vanished pips.

I have three of the sets that Jaks actually used that I obtained from Sam Schwartz.

Another nice effect that hasn't been shown in many years.

Postby Guest » 12/18/04 12:12 PM

Many thanks to all the background information and references to check out. Hopefully no one in the Chicago area will have read any of this :)

Postby Guest » 12/19/04 12:29 AM

Doug, you're right. The Blacks were totaly black

cards and 1940 is the right date, I thought they

were in Jinx though, they were in print. Richard

you are also right, Lou Tannen put it back out in

the 1960's as " What Card ?" with red large

letters on the cards. You used the A twice when

you showed what card on the cards.

Tabman, that panel truck is an interesting story

if you have never heard it. Lou and his older

brother Mike used to travel around in a truck

like that I would guess pre WW II. Go to a mid

sized town and open up a magic pitch shop. A

couple of weks, a month a couple of months as

long as it made money. I have a 1950's MUM with

a ful page story and pictures about but Lou told

me about it also. Mike

Postby Philippe Billot » 12/19/04 04:07 AM

Mike, could you be more accurate because I can't locate the Four Blacks in The Jinx.

Doug, I think that Jaks' Lecture Notes are from 1946.

There is a little article in The Gen, Vol 7, N5, September 1951, page 131, about his tour in USA.
Philippe Billot
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