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Postby Guest » 01/13/04 03:05 PM


Can any of you nice people give me any advice on NFW When I go to do the first Elmsley, the card with the double sided tape adheres to the one above quite strongly and is out of alignment. How can I get over this. Sorry if this sounds complicated but those who have NFW Will know what I am on about.

Yours in Magic Barry

Postby Guest » 01/13/04 03:39 PM

Poking tape with your finger reduces its stickiness.

May I suggest that you wander to Magic, Feb. 2001 I believe, and look at NFWs father Twixter by Jason Alford. I believe it to be superior to NFW.
Steve V

Postby Gary Freed » 01/14/04 04:57 PM

Steve, I believe it was the February 1999 issue. Check it out, it is excellent.
Gary Freed
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Postby Guest » 02/09/04 08:17 PM

Work in the tape with your thumb until it sticks, but not too much.

It is a fine line between what is and is not sticking too much. I had that trouble as well at first, but you get used to it.

You need to get the tape to the point where it sticks only slightly and yet a good firm pressure will make it "stay stuck"!


Postby Steve V » 02/10/04 12:13 AM

Gary is correct, 1999, I don't know why I put 2001.
Steve V
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