what effect is this?

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Postby Guest » 03/03/07 07:11 PM

My son recently visted his first magic store on his own with his class.The magician showed him several cards with names on them-all male and female-and he was asked to just think of the name he liked.When asked if was done,the magician told to give him the cards that had the name of the person on it--and sure enough the magician told him the name.....Now,is it possible to work up my own effect like this with blank cards>>?or should i buy the effect?Is there a book where i can learn the principle?..Now i work at an airline and i deal with many co-workers and passengers on a daily basis,would it be a good effect to carry around?--thanks for your time,ken.

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Jerry--i just called my son,here is something else.The magician also showed him an effect with numbers on it ---he said there was like 15 numbers on it,and there was six cards,he simply looked at the six cards,and pushed the cards forward that contained his number he was looking at,and the magician told him what number it was.Now i seem to recall that this was an effect that came with magic sets when i was a kid...it seems the magician just exchanged the numbers for names--so my question remains,Is "PHIL" a better effect or can i make up my own effect using the principle he emplyed?

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I would recommend you look into Jim Steinmeyer's The Worlds Thinnest Deck of Cards

The spectator thinks of any card, makes choices among the six cards, and immediately the magician can name the selected card. This beautiful new version of the famous number card effect is especially entertaining and deceptive.

Postby Brad Henderson » 03/03/07 09:14 PM

The trick was called the Impenetrable Secret and was the first trick ever published in the US (on Franklin's Press). The original was a list of sayings. It has had many incarnations since, but that is the earliest American source.

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thank you--for eveybodys time.but i think the original goes back to ANNEMANN-and the effect HORROR-from practical mental magic.Ijust found that out,however,i want to know what other possibliites they are to that effect...any suggestions-thanks again

Postby Philippe Billot » 03/05/07 06:44 AM

You can find the trick Horrors!!! by Stuart Robson in The Jinx, Extra Summer 1935, page 41, and an improvement in The Jinx N 28, january 1937, page 172, by L. Vosburgh Lyons.
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Wouldn't "the first trick ever published in the US" pre-date anything published by Annemann?

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thanks everyone--take care now-

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