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A place where beginners can participate, ask questions, and post their views. However, beginners typically ask a lot of questions about sources, tricks, books, and so on. In fact, all magicians are interested (or should be) in the provenance of tricks, ideas, and related matters. This department will service these needs.

Postby Guest » 02/17/03 05:46 PM

Taking the historical significance aspect out this list, I'd be interested to see what you all think are the 10 best pure magic books from an instructional perspective.

Postby Brian Morton » 02/17/03 08:34 PM

Merlou inquires...
the 10 best pure magic books from an instructional perspective

I'm going to cheat. I'm listing "series" books as a single book. (I refuse to believe in the Kobayashi Maru scenario.)

Royal Road.
Expert Card Technique
Amateur Magician's Handbook
Greater Magic
Card College
Our Magic
Now You See It, Now You Don't
Stars of Magic

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Postby Guest » 02/18/03 06:53 PM

Here's my list in no particular order:
1. Modern coin magic
2. Mark Wilson's complete course in magic
3. Our magic
4. Royal road to card magic
5. Expert card technique
6. Card college
7. 13 steps to mentalism
8. Practical mental magic
9. Theater of the Mind

Postby Guest » 02/18/03 08:19 PM

Veronon Chronicles 1 thru 3
Stars of magic
Book of Secrets
Book of Magic (Vernon)
Tribute to Leipzig
Card College
All 3 John Ramsay Books by Galloway
Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic

Postby Guest » 02/21/03 02:37 PM

little help please

Postby Guest » 02/23/03 09:31 PM

Here are my personal favorites:

1. Greater Magic
2. Magic of Michal Ammar
3. Royal Road to Card Magic
4. Now you see it, Now you don't-vols 1 & 2
5. Expert Card Technique
6. Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic
7. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
8. Amatuer Magician's Handbook
9. Magic of the Hands Trilogy
10. Aneman's Mental Magic

Postby Jeremy Greystoke » 02/24/03 04:02 PM

I tend to agree with Brian Wendell Morton...series count as a single, so my list is actually 28 books long. Here goes, in alphabetical order:

1. Book of Secrets - John Carney (the one volume on this list which isn't in my collection yet, but I'm including just on the basis of the excerpts I've read)

2. The Books of Wonder, Vols. 1 & 2

3. Card College, Vols 1 - 4

4. Carneycopia

5. The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Vols. 1 & 2

6. Magic & Showmanship - Henning Nelms

7. Stars of Magic

8. Tarbell...all eight volumes

9. The Vernon Chronicles, Vols. 1 - 3

10. Workers 1 - 5 - Michael Close

And I could easily come up with another dozen or so that should be on the list. And honestly, if I constructed the same list next week, there might well be some changes.

Maybe the top 100?
At least that wouldn't cause quite the same level of angst!

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Postby Guest » 02/28/03 08:46 AM

If Series does count...

1. Card College - Roberto Giobbi
2. Royal Road To Card Magic - Hugard and Braue
3. Expert Card Technique - Hugard and Braue
4. Encyclopedia of Card Tricks - Hugard
5. Close Up Card Magic - Harry Lorayne
6. Stars of Magic - Various Artists
7. Strong Magic - Darwin Ortiz
8. Inner Secrets Trilogy - Dai Vernon
9. Cardshark - Darwin Ortiz
10. At the Card Table - Darwin Ortiz
10 (Tie) Scams and Fantasies with Cards - Darwin Ortiz

There are many others I would include on an expanded list, but these are my personal favorites.

Postby NCMarsh » 03/02/03 08:29 PM

in no particular order (i think it would be silly to try to separate books of this level):

Dai Vernon Book of Magic -- Ganson/Vernon
The Five Points in Magic -- Tamariz
Leading With Your Head -- Kurtz
Carneycopia -- Minch/Carney (Secrets has not yet arrived)
Strong Magic -- Darwin Ortiz
Malini and His Magic -- Ganson/Vernon
Stars of Magic
Card College -- Giobbi
Books of Wonder -- Minch/Wonder
Mastering The Art of Magic -- Eugene Burger Orlando Magician
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Postby NCMarsh » 03/02/03 08:30 PM

can't believe that Erdnase has yet to be mentioned (heck, i forgot it too...) Orlando Magician
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Postby Guest » 04/25/03 07:27 AM

I agree with the above lists so I won't be redundant with my own list, but I have to say that Drawing Room Deceptions by Guy Hollingsworth is one of my faorite. The magic is strong, the writing clever, and the illustrations/layout are beautiful and elegant.

Postby Guest » 06/11/03 04:12 PM

Well Roberto Giobbi would certainly be pleased to see his Card College on the essential list.

Here is my list in no particular order - well except that it reads from the top down:

Card College
Modern Coin Magic
Coinmagic (Kaufman)
Apocalypse (the "stranded on a Desert Island books")
Royal Road to Card Magic
Magic of Michael Ammar
Tarbell Course in Magic
Magic and Showmanship (Henning Nelms)
Fitzkee Trilogy
Greater Magic

Postby Brian Marks » 06/11/03 09:40 PM

Here are some books few mention on these lists
1. The Art of Magic - T Nelson Downs
Your not a magician if you havn't read this.
2. William's Wonders (It should be #1)
3. Simon Says & Son of Simon Says- Simon Lovell
4. Paramiracles - Ted Lesey
5. Bound to Please - Simon Aronson
6. Ramsey Booklets- Ramsey
If you read this your ahead of the game.
7. FASDIU - Paul Cummings
8.Classic Sampler - Michael Skinner
9. 13 Steps to Mentalism
10. Slydini by Lewis Gason
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Postby Guest » 06/12/03 05:04 AM

I haven't read The Art of Magic yet - I am a magician. Here's my list:

The Expert at the Card Table
Stars of Magic
Royal Road
The Card Magic of LePaul
Magic From the Soul
The Magic of Michael Ammar
Modern Coin Magic
The Complete Walton
Vernon Chronicles

Postby Guest » 06/12/03 09:25 PM

[QUOTaking the historical significance aspect out this list, I'd be interested to see what you all think are the 10 best pure magic books from an instructional perspective.
T hanks TE] [/QUOTE] 10 "A Pictorial History of Conjurers in the Theater" by Dave Price ( A pretty well detailed book of 20th century professional magic...we have to know where we've been to see where we going) 9-"Great Illusions of Magic" by Byron Wells...much knowledge of clasic illusions. 8- 8-8- "Greater Magic" by Hilliar ( general magic) 7-Tarbell Course of Magic Vol 1-8 (general magic) 6-"Rice Encyclopedia of Silk Magic" Vol 1-4 (More silk magic than you can do in a lifetime) 5-"Magick" by Bascombn Jones ( Mentalism ) 4-"David Roth's Expert Card Magic" by Richard Kaufman ( Coins, coins and more coins, great ) 3-"Vernon Chronicles" by Cervon/Minch Vol 1-4 ( 20 century card mgic by someone who saw most of it) 2-"Card College" by Robert Giobbi Vol. 1 - 5 ( Learn everything in these and you'll be a card star )
1-Marlo Magazines by Ed Marlo Vol, 1 - 6 ( more card material than you can use in a lifetime maby two.
I tried to answer the question as asked by the person who made the post. There were a lot of good books in all the preciding list before mine , full of important books, I think 10 is too few, Maby we need to do as Anneman did in the Jinx with his Five foot self of magic books but that was 60 years ago . Thanks for your indulgence reading this mess....Mike

Postby Fabian » 06/13/03 07:25 AM

My favourites:

1. Card College 1 - 5 (I'll count them as one her)

2. Williamson's Wonders (Saw him live yesterday, great)

3. Books of Wonder (again counted as one)

4. Art Of Astonishment (again counted as one)

5. Expert Card Technique

6. The Expert At The Card Table

7. Strong Magic

8. Dai Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy

9. By Forces Unseen - Ernest Earick

10. Dai Vernon's Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic

This is not supposed to be a kind of a ranking, rather a listing... These are just the books that i personally liked reading a lot.
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Postby Guest » 06/13/03 12:58 PM

Top 10? Egad! Tough choice...

1) Dai Vernon Book of Magic
2) Stars of Magic
3) My Best - J. G. Thpompson, editor
4) Inner Secrets Collection - Vernon
5) Encyclopedia of Impromptu Magic
6) Body Magic - Fisher
7) Modern Coin Magic - Bobo
8) Magic Menu collections
9) Compleat Invocation
10 13 Steps to Mentalism - Corinda

Yeah, yeah, I know. All classical material. But that's the kind of stuff I like to READ - not just collect dust on my bookshelves.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.

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