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Postby Guest » 09/28/05 12:06 PM

I have come across a couple of D.D. vieos on the web with which I'm unfamiliar. I've got The Stars of Magic, Paris Super Session and Dingle's Deceptions videos. But the advertised videos were titled "Basic Card Magic" and "Slight (sic) of Hand," both attributed to Dingle. There was also a tape titled "The Magic of Derek Dingle." Does anyone know of these tapes and their contents?

I have Richard Kaufman's book on Derek, but I'm anxious to acquire any other videos of Derek performing and, if possible, explaining his magic. Can anyone enlighten me regarding these tapes and the tricks they contain?

Postby Ryan Matney » 09/28/05 01:43 PM

These sound the videos produced by Tony Hassini. You had to join his magic club (IMS) in order to buy them.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/28/05 04:18 PM

Dingle made some videos for the public VERY early on, but I can't recall the titles.
The two Dingle videos that I have from Hassini are "Routined Card Magic" and "Routined Card and Coin Magic."
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Dan Smith » 09/28/05 08:25 PM

Here's the Derek Dingle videos that I've found.

Stars of Magic, Volume 8 -- Derek perfoming his version of Elmsley 1002nd Aces slayed me. "That casual little fan was a triple buckle? Oh, my. Rewind."

Stars of Magic, Volume 11 -- With David Roth, Frank Garcia, Paul Harris. Derek performs Too Many Cards and the Riffle Pass.

Dingle's Deceptions, The Video -- Latter day Derek doing some of his early ball buster material from Dingle's Deceptions. The only video performance of Derek's invisible cockroach pass. Don't ask.

The Paris Super Session -- Derek in a relaxed environment with an appreciative audience. Includes the Eleven Card Trick. IMHO his best video performance.

Basic Card Magic -- Also released as "Slight(sic) of Hand." Just what the title implies: double lift, forcing, top change, etc. Released 1981

The Magic of Derek Dingle - Victor's 11 card trick, color triumphant, coins to glass, and four coins in the countin'. This was released in 1981 and produced by the same person as Basic Card Magic.

Covention at the Capital'98 -- Derek performing Silver Quick. I've not seen this video.

I've not seen the IMS videos of Derek but the contents appeared different than any of these tapes.

Are there any videos available of Derek on Dick Cavett, Tom Snyder, Barbara Walters or elsewhere?

- Dan
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Postby Bill Duncan » 09/28/05 09:51 PM

Is the Paris Super Session available on DVD? I have the Jenning's PSS and it's lots of fun.
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Postby Guest » 09/29/05 12:01 AM

i haven't seen the Paris Super Session on dvd yet, i only have it on VHS.

where is the advertisement for the other videos, the Basic Card Magic or the Sleight of hand and The Magic of Derek Dingle?

Postby Guest » 09/29/05 12:09 AM

A number of years ago (perhaps 7-10?) I had come across some website with a few clips teaching some basic sleight of hand, such as the top change and double lift. These were incorporated into a few tricks such as an 'everywhere and nowhere' type of routine, similar to hofzinser's. I cannot remember the name of the instructor as I was not serious about magic at the young age I was around that time, but I now seem to recall that he looked very much like Derek Dingle and had a strong english accent. These few clips had a significant impact on the way I viewed the top change and misdirection in general after I had been badly fooled watching them at the time.

I was just wondering if anyone could confirm whether this is the Basic Card Magic (or Slight of Hand) video tape mentioned above or if anyone knows if this website still exists? Thanks for any help.


Postby Dan Smith » 09/29/05 04:46 AM

Benny, it sounds like clips of Derek from Slight of Hand.

Micky Hades' web site appears to have copies of both Stars of Magic videos, Basic Card Magic (aka, Slight of Hand), and the Magic of Derek Dingle. Mickey\'s Dingle Videos

A few other references to the Slight of Hand video can be found via Google.

- Dan
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Postby Guest » 09/29/05 06:23 AM

Thanks very much for the info guys.

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