Three coloured dice, multi out prediction?

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Postby Guest » 05/16/03 01:31 AM

Im after the name and the originator of an effect I have been doing for some time? Its a ring box with 4 coloured dice, 2 are the same colour. You hand the spectator 3 dice and ask them to inspect and shuffle them. The spectator then stacks the dice and the middle die (in one of the outs) is the same colour as the one inside the box.

Any help as I got this in a magic jumble sale with no instructions or packaging so I have no idea what the effect is called or who invented and I would like to thank the originator as the reactions are great its such a power effect I would like to buy a spare as back up.

I know if anyone will know, they will be here.

Thanks Darren

Postby Max Maven » 05/16/03 11:25 AM

El Duco (Sweden).
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Postby Guest » 05/18/03 03:17 AM

Thanks mr Maven, do you happen to know what the effect is called?


Postby Bill Duncan » 05/18/03 10:48 AM

The effect doesn't appear to be available any longer but El Duco does have a number of other effects using dice (and other uncommon props).

Visit his website by clicking here .
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