Four Of a Kind or Aces Wild, which came first?

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Postby Guest » 08/22/06 05:07 AM

Just the other day while perusing through the "Inner Secrets" trilogy by L&L publishing, I was reacquainted with Vernon's "Four of A Kind" (in the first book). It was a favorite of mine when I first came across it back in early '70s. What a nostalgic look back to when I once owned the original Stanley edition ( I lost nearly my entire collection of magic books due to the hurricane season of '04 and my house to boot). Well, anyway I acquired the Trilogy in early '05 as well as other books including Harry Lorayne's "Close-Up Card Magic". Later in the evening I started reading Lorayne's book and came across "Aces Wild". Wow, now I was in a quandary as both effects are basically the same! In the text, Harry writes where he and Ed Balducci were up most of the night figuring out to do an effect they both witnessed earlier, with Harry finally coming up with a solution. Now the question is did Vernon do the effect first or did Lorayne?
Thank you for any insight to this.
Dom :confused:

Postby Guest » 08/22/06 03:29 PM

I got both books out and read what they had to

say about this trick.The Vernon book came out in

1959 and Vernon gives no credit for it. Harry's

book came out later and as you reported he said

he saw the trick and he and a friend tried to

work it out. Later he figured it out but he said

they saw someone else do it. He didn't say Vernon

it could have ben someone who had read Vernon's

book.IMHO Vernon was first by the facts and I'm

not knocking Harry he is a prolific creator for

sure..........Mike Walsh

Postby Harry Lorayne » 08/24/06 05:29 PM

Hi: I've already answered this - a few times. But, in LORAYNE: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION, in the re-write and update of that particular effect, I tell the story. Ed Balducci and I had ORIGINALLY performed the effect for Dai. Check it out. HARRY LORAYNE.
Harry Lorayne
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Postby Matthew Field » 08/25/06 04:00 AM

Richard Kaufman taught me this effect when I studied with him. It came from Harry's classic "Close Up Card Magic," one of the great books of magic.

I continue to perform it and it never fails to get a great response.

Thank you, Harry!

Matt Field
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Postby Guest » 08/28/06 02:35 AM

Thank you, for the clarification Mr. Lorayne. You are truly a living legend.
Dom ;) :)

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