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Postby Max Rodriguez » 02/10/05 01:36 PM

few days ago I got Ken Krenzel video Impact vol.6.In the begininng it shows clips of other videos in the series and Wow he can do some great passes but,really what caught my eye was Ken's Fan exchange.Fan Exchange - A card, fairly displayed in a fan, can be invisibly switched for another.I had to put the video in slow motion to figure it out.Now Im just working different ways to use it.Its something that you just have to see to believe.

Oh yeah one more thing how in the heck do you get in the position to have a double in the middle of a fan were it looks natural.Im kind of thnking just fan the card and pull a double out.
Max Rodriguez
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Postby TylerErickson » 02/11/05 01:25 AM

Yes, I remember this being an interesting technique out of Ken's book "The Card Classics of Ken Krenzel".

It covered (if memory serves) Dai Vernon's method for extracting a double from a fan. Excellent.

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