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Postby Hannibal » 01/26/06 03:36 PM

Can anyone recommend a source for quality suits with a bit of flair (ie bold colors, unique stlye,etc.)?

The key words are Bold and Quality.


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Postby Jon Elion » 01/26/06 03:57 PM

You might look into a Zoot suit, for example from Suavecito\'s Apparel or Zoot Suit Store
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Postby Jocko » 01/27/06 09:05 PM

I got a great performance jacket from They travel throughout the country and measure you and then have it made in Hong Kong. Very nice work and a reputable company.

They have many bright colors and will make your coat in any style imaginable.
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Postby David Alexander » 01/28/06 11:46 PM

Before good advice can be given, you should tell us the sort of place you're performing, the type of character you're playing. What might be suitable for one place would seem out of place in another.

Are you working a Vegas stage or a country club?
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