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Postby Guest » 12/18/02 08:27 PM

Hey, I have a question for all of you that have marketed tricks, gimmicks, books, videos, whatever.

I created a new packet trick and I would like to get it marketed so I can sell it.

I want to include the gaffed cards with the trick and sell it for about $12-$15.

Can anyone answere these few question for me?

1) Where in the world can I get the gaffed cards I need in mass quantities to be sold with my trick.
2) Do I need a companies (like Bicycle) permission before I sell the trick with the cards.
3) How can I get it copyrighted so it won't get stolen from me?
4) How can I get it 'hyped' up and sold?

I have a couple places that will sell it already but I would like to sell it through a few more.

If anyone can help me I'd be grateful!!!


Postby Larry Horowitz » 12/18/02 10:08 PM

Please send me your email address and I will discuss this with you.

Larry Horowitz
Larry Horowitz
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Postby Danny Archer » 12/20/02 05:04 PM

Hi Chris .. I have produced and marketed over 20 items from card tricks to videotapes ... please feel free to e-mail me or call (number on my web site along with descriptions of many of my effects). I have a commerical printer who prints on Bicycle card stock ...
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Postby Geno Munari » 12/23/02 12:08 AM

Hi Chris

We can do exactly what you want done. We do it in-house, and will beat any quote (legitimate) that you get. Any stock or blank you request.


Geno Munari
Geno Munari
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