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Postby Mike » 04/13/03 08:27 AM

Has anyone seen Paul Daniels Magic Course or attended his workshop?Opinions?Thanks
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Postby Guest » 04/14/03 11:51 PM

I went to Pauls workshop in Leeds over here in the UK.
Although I knew alot of what was discussed I realised that I'd either forgotten it or just went doh want a great simple idea.
75% of the day covered marketing with the rest on presentation and effect improvement.
The marketing side was of most interest to me as this is the one area where I know I'm lacking and after spending the day with Paul it was like having a kick in the pants and got me fired up to start working on the business of this show business.
So if you're looking to improve your marketing campaign. Go.
If you want to know how to work different audiences and stages. Go.
Or if you just want to be entertained by a very funny and knowledgeable man. Then Go.
All the best.

Postby Guest » 04/15/03 02:13 PM

Originally posted by mike:
Has anyone seen Paul Daniels Magic Course or attended his workshop?Opinions?Thanks
I just attended the Paul Daniels course in Chicago and I have to say that, while covering a lot of material that I already knew, he puts it in perspective and show direct applications to magicians and entertainers.

His handling of publicity is extraordinary and he linked that directly to getting TV and radio work as well - something no course I have ever taken or read has really covered as well.

Not to mention he's a highly entertaining guy - his line about the Feng Shui books almost made me choke to death on my coffee.

I am sure some of you are sorry this gambit failed. ;)


Postby Dennis Kyriakos » 04/19/03 03:16 AM

I attended Paul's masterclass in NYC. It was great and I got a lot out of it. Quite inspiring!

Dennis Kyriakos
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Postby Guest » 04/19/03 06:13 AM

I had a great time attending the Paul Daniels Masterclass in
Orlando tuesday night.What a dynamo, About 40 attended including
Michal Ammar who showed up late with his wife and was chastised by
Paul who came all the way from England on time and Michal who lives
in Florida was late. Very funny entertainer great stories.Being A Brit I enjoyed seeing Paul and his wife.."The Lovely Debbie McGee" again

OH..Feng Shui.....Chap goes in a bookstore and tells the clerk the Feng Shui books are on the wrong side of the store!!!!!!!!

Postby Terry » 04/19/03 06:31 AM

When did Ammar leave Vegas? I thought my family moved around alot!
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Postby magicbar » 05/07/03 09:42 AM

I haven't attended his workshop but I did play his complimentary CD I saw advertised in Genii. I would agree that the material is probably among the type we have done before but it was the endorsements that soured my interest. It was among the ilk of "great" says Mike in Michigan, "Well worth it" says Joe in Texas. I thought more credible praise could have been offered. The other thing thatmade me shy was that he completely sidestepped the fact that he has (had?)a long running TV talk show like our Tonight Show which I am sure helped catapault his success and credibility. I often think about the success of say, a Harry Anderson as a magician if he never had the Night Court show to offer the same boost from fame.
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Postby Guest » 05/07/03 12:24 PM

I attended Paul's Master Class in Las Vegas. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

So much good information. So entertainingly presented. It's an inspiration just to be in his presence.

I came home jazzed and ready to put many of the ideas into practice.

Dennis Loomis

Postby Guest » 05/08/03 05:50 PM

There are more comments from those who attended the masterclass at:

Paul Daniels Masterclass


Postby IanB » 05/15/03 09:11 AM


I am puzzled by your comments. Unless I've been asleep for the last couple of decades here in the UK, Paul Daniels has NOT had a long running talk show, and it certainly did not catapult his success and credibility - in fact I would say the reverse.

Paul rose to prominence through magic - and had a prime-time magic show on terrestrial TV every year for 10 years plus. Only after he became famous through his magic shows did he move on to other areas - in particular hosting game shows (not talk shows). The game shows came from his success as a magician - not vice versa. To be honest, he is not nearly as popular in the UK as he used to be and I think this is mainly due to game-show overexposure.


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Postby mrgoat » 05/15/03 09:25 AM

Originally posted by Ian Brodie:
To be honest, he is not nearly as popular in the UK as he used to be and I think this is mainly due to game-show overexposure.
I think most lay people under the age of 40 in the UK find Daniels to be 'lame' and obnoxious. Although pro's admire his work, the public (that I have come into contact with) really find him very cheesy and naff.

Just thought I would share this, as probably this 'overexposure' hasn't happened in the states.

This is not attempting to steer the thread to a Does Daniels Suck discussion as you all obviously like him.


Just FYI.

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