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Postby Bizzaro » 04/04/03 12:29 AM

We are thinking about consolidating all of our hard copy material onto an interactive CD rom, videos, photo, info, resume etc. This eliminates the overhead of brochures, flyers, video copying, and that other shtuff. (Not that we won't still have them, just cut down on the cost as it were.)

Now my question is have any of you had any experience in this. Is it worth it, does it work, ever heard any complaints from booker/ promoters?

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Postby Guest » 04/04/03 02:05 AM

I had one complaint from someone who didn't own a computer!!! :eek:

Also, make sure it can be read on ANY operating system.

Postby Guest » 04/04/03 10:51 PM

we have a business card size cd that we mail or hand out to serious inquiries. The 35 megabyte movie and demo on it is done in quicktime which is compatible with both IBM and apple computers. For those that don't have a computer, or are unable or unwilling to read the CD, it has a full business card lable with enough pertinent info that provides enough information for a follow up. It costs us about 30 cents apiece. If I know for sure that the person is not going to use it with a computer then I just give him a regular business card with the same printed info at 1/100 the price.

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