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Postby Guest » 01/29/04 08:03 AM

I have been pitching restaurants in earnest for two years, and have had moderate success, landing three new restaurant gigs last year, for example. However, for various reasons not of my own making, I lost two of the three last year.

In January, I seem to have gotten "into the zone," landing one audition or an appointment every day that I pitch (which is once or twice a week at this point, 2 or 3 hours at a time).

I'll tell you my secret. It's all sales advice, of course.

When I really started playing the numbers, that made a big difference. Just calling great numbers of restaurants and not expecting them to say yes, but pitching well, nonetheless. Getting comfortable with my script (which I developed from Charles Greene's audiotape on restaurant pitching). Talking directly to the general managers, and keeping a detailed running file on each restaurant.

And whenever I get a firm no, I simply wait until the general manager leaves or gets fired, which is invariably within months (it's a tough business and wears you out), and then pitch the new general manager. The new general managers are much more likely to want to try out new entertainment.

My goal is to be working 8 restaurants a week, like the champion Malone used to.

Postby Guest » 01/29/04 12:42 PM

Thanks for sharing the tip, Dave.


Postby Guest » 02/04/04 10:54 PM

Good advice, however, is it a coincidence that restaurants are in a financial slump like a lot of the country? I did restaurants all through college and when I first moved to NYC in the 80's. The best tip I ever learned was from Scotty York. He did card on ceiling constantly and had the women put their names and phone numbers on the cards. After closing he collected the card and added their names to his calling list. Then he could go to a bar/restaurant and tell them, I have the names and phone numbers of X hundred women who like to come see me perform. Would you like to have them come here?

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