Favourite PR stunt by a magician?

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Postby Guest » 02/18/03 09:43 PM

I love the old "my rabbit disappeared" press release.

Postby Guest » 02/19/03 08:16 AM

I once sent someone a few magic tricks, at no charge, via airmail, after their close up case was stolen. I wasn't looking to become famous for it, but I never even heard back. Nicholas, did they arrive safely?

Postby Rich Cowley » 02/19/03 10:35 AM

One of my favorite stunts was pulled decades ago by Arnold Furst, I think. (If I remember correctly, Furst describes it in more detail in his book...)

He was flying L.A.-to-Hawaii, and phoned ahead to ask a reporter in Honolulu to go out and buy a fresh deck of cards, shuffle them thoroughly, and reverse one random card in the middle at EXACTLY such-and-such a time; Arnold told the reporter he'd do the exact same thing in the airplane, somewhere over the Pacific, at the *exact same time*. He then asked the reporter to meet him as he got off the plane. -- Lo and behold, the reversed cards matched, right in front of the newspaper photographer!

Thank the Deity Of Your Choice for living in a world where Invisible Decks exist! But, the more important lesson learned, I think, is that just about *any* trick can be tweaked into a good "stunt", once you focus on what makes the trick stong to begin with, and emphasize on that aspect...
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Postby Guest » 02/19/03 01:57 PM

Hi John!
I sent you a card and a copy of a few tricks I have been working on shortly after your generous package arrived. I am sorry you did not receive them. Your very kind gesture was very touching and helped me get back on my feet professionally. You truly showed how the fraternal nature of magic is still strong.

I am sorry if you thought in any way that your gesture went unnoticed or unappreicated.

:) :) :)

Postby Guest » 03/21/03 11:52 AM


I have used the Invisible Deck as a PR stunt to promote a show that I helped organize in the past. I did it the same basic way as you described and received a half page article along with a photo. That was great!! Packs small and plays really big!!

Another way is to simply have the reporter call anyone they want. Whatever card the person on the other end names will be the card reversed in the pack. Floors 'em everytime!!


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