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Postby Guest » 11/17/03 10:26 PM

Hi Is anyone on this board a member of American Federation of Television and Radio Artist? How do you become a member? Do you have to appear on tv or radio a number of times? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a member? I know it is a union, but is it good to become a member. Does anyone know any magicians who are members?


Postby Guest » 11/18/03 06:11 AM

To be a member of AFTRA, you don't have to have been on TV/radio any number of times...simply sign up and pay your dues. There will be an initiation fee. Try

Postby Tabman » 11/18/03 09:19 AM

plus they have great health insurance!!! i think you have to be actually working and making $$$ though to kick it in but i might be wrong on that one point.
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Postby Dave Shepherd » 11/18/03 06:52 PM

But after joining, you will, of course, NEVER take a non-AFTRA television or radio job.

Doing non-union work when you're a member of the AAAA unions (including Actors Equity, SAG, and AFTRA) is a big no-no.

At least that was the case back in the 80s when I was an active member.
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