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Postby Tabman » 01/18/06 01:21 PM

After dragging my feet for a year it's become evident to me that this must be the next move I make. If you're interested in the whats, whys and wherefores then Click Here.


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Postby Guest » 01/18/06 03:22 PM

Tabby, I hope you find a buyer and are able to retire and live a long and healthy life. You are one of the finest individuals I've encountered in magic and life in general with a craftsman talent to be envied.
Steve V

Postby Tabman » 01/20/06 11:27 AM

The Genii forum is a beautiful thing. Its not something Id even put on the magic cafe or those other forums.

Thanks to Steve and the other friends Ive heard from since I posted this day before yesterday Im actually feeling better the past cupple days.

Most of my friendships here started on MAGIC! which I continue to mention just so the younger folks can get an idea of who some of the pioneers in online communication started, Spider Network too, but Richard rejected the forum idea when he moved to the internet. If he hadn't rejected it there's no doubt in my mind he would be on top and there'd probably be no magic cafe..

Dr. David Litchman, the founder of MAGIC!, has vanished. We were very close, I'd sure like to get in touch with him if anyone out there has any contact info. Is he still a member of the Castle? His great son Nathan was at that time the youngest magician to ever perform at the Castle, lecture too.

It's simply amazing how the good wishes from folks who care about you can make you feel and then after an hour long phone call with Kozak The Magician yesterday morning I actually feel great today, even better than yesterday.

Friends waiting for tables and props from will be happy to hear that I'm in the shop today working away and having a ball. There's several pretty good prospects for taking on the name too. I feel better already.


Tabby Crabb
(formerly the tabman)
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Postby Guest » 12/03/06 06:45 PM


What is the status of this now? We miss you.


Postby Guest » 12/03/06 07:26 PM

Looks like he found a buyer:

Postby Guest » 12/03/06 09:18 PM

That's the business, but what about Tabby?

In his letter he mentioned he'd check in to the Genii forum once or twice a day.

I hope it's simply a computer problem.

Postby Guest » 12/04/06 10:53 AM

Tabby's still around. Just last week or so he sent me a video clip of him driving the band bus into a tree. He posted it on YouTube for all of us to see:

Postby Guest » 12/04/06 01:26 PM

I can offer some insight...

Tabby did indeed sell Tabman Tables to a good friend of mine from my hometown area...
Pennsylvania magicians Ray & Debora Witkowski this past year.

Ray and Deb are seasoned professional entertainers from just North of the Pittsburgh Area in New Wilmington, PA. They are active members of the Youngstown OH, Beaver PA, and Pittsburgh Magic Communities.

They have a history of performing stage illusion productions, a fine dove act with highlights of doves, rabbits, ducks and chickens in the show! Any attendees of The Canton Battle of Magicians or the Columbus Magi Fest have seen them work multiple times. They are also experts in original balloon twisting, having authored a number of books on the subject.

In addition, they have been private custom builders of quality magic props and illusions for years now.

Tabman found a talented and serious buyer for his business with the dedication and talent to continue his high-quality work on the Tabman Line of products. Ray told me how he personally was taught bit by bit on how to fabricate each tabman table and prop to specifications. Anyone interested in the tabman line or any other magic equipment should not hesitate to contact ray and deb. They are called "Fur's Class Magic" and now are taking on the "Tabman USA" line.

I don't think Ray and Deb are members here at this board and they don't know I am posting this. I am just happy to see someone I know with the dedication to magic take on such a prime quality line in magic.

I will forward this to them as they would have some information on Tabby for everyone.

Nick Carifo
Burbank, CA

Postby Bob Sanders » 01/26/09 02:58 PM

Tabman Tables is in new hands and the tradition continues.

The contact now is:

Ray Witkowski
3582 Bethel-New Wilmington Road
New Wilmington, PA 16142
(724) 946-2420

Recently he has added feather flowers to the offering too. I really like his feather roses.

Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander

PS --- It looks like Tabby was another good contributor who did not return after becoming one of cast of the "Anonymous" here at Genii forum. He was really resourceful.
Bob Sanders
Magic By Sander / The Amazed Wiz

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