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Postby mrgoat » 03/14/05 11:48 AM

From this blog http://blog.isawscott.com/

As I plot my approach, Im reminded as to how I got my first restaurant gig. Every word of this story is true, I swear.

The restaurant I wanted to perform at, DIDNT have a magician, but the other location across town DID (This was years ago and the other magicians name was, Nate Kranzo). So I took an idea from Evil Kenevil, the reported king of promotion.

I called the restaurant I wanted to work at and that I knew didnt have a magician, at prime time on a Friday night. I explained I had guests in from out of town, and I wanted treat them to a special night out. I heard they had a magician going table to table and I was calling to confirm he was performing that evening.

Of course the hostest was confused and put the manager on the phone. I repeated the story of having guests in town, and wanting to treat them to a special evening out. He apologized that
his wasnt the location that had such a thing, and grudgingly suggested I call the other location.

A week later, I stopped in (I didnt mention the phone call of course and guessed he never remember my voice) offer my services as a magician and got the gig!


Blogging is the new black, but I enjoyed that story.

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Postby Guest » 03/17/05 08:56 PM

Great story! You illustrated the steps in the marketing process like a pro. You moved the manager right through the steps.

1. Unawareness
2. Awareness
3. Interest
4. Desire
5. Action


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Postby Guest » 03/26/05 10:48 AM

But is it ethical to lie to get a gig?


Postby Bill Palmer » 03/27/05 04:00 PM

Who was actually harmed by the deception?
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby Guest » 03/28/05 10:03 AM

Ah, the end justifies the means?

Mississippi Pete
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Postby BlueEyed Videot » 03/28/05 12:01 PM

Seems to work in Washington D.C. all the time...
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Postby Guest » 03/30/05 09:59 AM

Its not a question of "who gets hurt," its a question of behaving like business people.

The public already has a distrust of us, and we individually and as a group have to choose if we want to behave like the rest of the business world or like crooks.

M Pete

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Postby Guest » 03/30/05 10:13 AM

Ethics do count!

Postby Guest » 03/30/05 04:04 PM

So what you are saying is when Lucy and Ethel called Ricky's club after he had been released and made reservations and then canceled them saying that if Ricky wasn't playing they wouldn't need the tables was wrong? Does this mean Lucy and Ethel are in hell?
Steve V

Postby Guest » 04/03/05 09:01 PM

Oops! My wife is Lucy!

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Postby Jeff Haas » 04/03/05 10:24 PM


Lucy and Ethel are indeed in hell. Just not for doing that particular stunt.

Jeff Haas
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Postby Guest » 04/14/05 06:37 PM

Business and ethics, aren't they mutually exclusive terms?

Actually there is nothing unethical about this marketing strategy it is used all the time in business. You show a client through direct or indirect advertising that a competitor will get business that they could have because of the competitor has a service that they lack.

The poster simply illustrated the need for his services directly by showing the manager of the restaurant that he was loosing potential customers. He planted the seed. Companies do this all the time! Look at the way that drug companies list the symptoms of disease and say, If you have one or more of these symptoms you may be suffering and follow with Ask your doctor if XYZ may be right for you. Trust me, it works, my wife the physician curses those commercials, but on the other hand the commercials have gotten people to at least engage in dialog with their doctors. Business is business. As long as you offer a product at a fair price and arent breaking arms, legs or the law, all else is fair. Those that simply sit passively by, waiting for the phone to ring, always view creative marketing with disdain because they dont have the initiative or creativity or nerve to try the approach themselves. And thats why there are so few really wealthy and successful magicians.

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