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Postby Guest » 03/28/03 10:42 AM

I know There's a chapter on this in Corinda. What else is available? And, what is considered the best code to use? If i'm going to put the time in on it, with someone else, I want to learn the best. And what other mentalism type of stff lends itself well to a two person act? Thanks!

Postby Steve Bryant » 03/28/03 10:56 AM

The code widely regarded as the best is the one Eddie Fields devised. Which raises another question: Now that Eddie has passed away, is there any hope that those who have been taught the routine can publish it? Danny Orleans, Brian Gillis?
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Postby CHRIS » 03/28/03 11:56 AM


I can't give you any guidance on which is the best code, but I have two ebooks which describe two codes. One is "En Rapport" by Annemann and the other is "Hellerism" by Harry Hermon (1884)

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Postby Guest » 03/30/03 01:03 PM

Paul Hadley's "How to develop Mental Magic" not only contains "codes" to use, but includes the hows and whys of presenting it, staging the act, etc. PLUS there is even a fold out chart with the code to study/work with while you are learning. Well worth the reading and study if you want to truly start working with such a system.
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Postby C. Hampton » 03/30/03 02:25 PM

There is a booklet titled tea for two from Falkenstain and Willard and shows the code that they use.

I don't know if this is the best, but it was simply amazing when they presented it.I am pretty sure is available from L&L on directly from the Ammar family.

Good luck
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Postby Guest » 03/30/03 04:09 PM

Now that Eddie has passed away, is there any hope that those who have been taught the routine can publish it? Danny Orleans, Brian Gillis?[/QB]
Brian Gillis started with Eddie Fields, but has taken it much further. Brian hasn't published anything else, has he? He keeps his masterpieces to himself.

Postby Guest » 03/30/03 11:11 PM

These are great references. Thanks everyone. Please keep them coming!

Postby Guest » 03/31/03 09:13 AM

I'll second "Tea for Two" as well as the Hadley system (I've worked with both)... I'm not certain but I do believe the June or July issue of TOP HAT Ezine (UK * The Magic Bunny group) that's coming up, will have a simple Two-way routine outlined in my column. You can touch base with them and find out for certain when it is coming out.

Too, my friend Bill Palmer just released (very limited availability!) The Cezanne Code along with some other materials you may find to your liking.

Best of luck!

Postby John Smetana » 03/31/03 09:26 AM

Another work which may be of interest is Ken DeCourcy's "Automentalism".I have it in my files, but I'm not able to get to it right now. As I recall this was published in the 50's and is relatively easy for both parties to learn . It comes complete with necessary prompters. etc. Obviously, this method is for someone who doesn't have the time to spend learning a complex code system.
As I understand it, a sophisticated, real world two person code act is not only an's a way of life.

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Postby Guest » 03/31/03 12:33 PM

Regardless of which system(s) you choose, you don't want the audience seeing a TWO person act. Code acts have been exposed/burlesqued for decades. The best 2 person acts, downsize one partner, so the focus is on how SHE,(or he) is able to reveal thoughts, not on how THEY can communicate with each other. Remember people do have brains. Brian Gillis and his mentor Eddie Fields, downsized their roles so much, the are forgettable. Great code acts generations ago, featured "Princess Yvonne" or "Leona LeMar", people thought that man in the theater was an usher or the theater manager. One 2 person act, has his wife, as one of the audience, siliently,cuing him. If you do intend to spend time/effort on a system that takes a lot of practice and work...make sure you have a partner that won't leave you, with no act....divorces, falling outs, etc., have destroyed acts and careers.

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