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Postby Guest » 05/10/07 12:59 PM

I am dubious that many straight illusionists get questions like "can you tell my future" or the demand to "read my mind" when they tell someone what they do. I know that in mentalism and bizarre work I get them all the time.

Any bizzarist asked these questions who is not using his/her to perform and inform of his/her commercial availability in that immediate mini-performance is missing the boat, IMHO.

But many in the face, "impromtu" routines take too long or mean way too much prep for daily living. And they take a lot of stock cold reading risks.

Enter Alan Strydom's "Palmistry Quickies." It is one of the most definitive answers I have seen to the problems posed by the questions above. It is an inexpensive e-book combining two magic principles and a sound marketing device into that impromptu answer.

A lot of thinking has gone into condensing this material so the meat is there -- not a lot of sauce, bun or big box to surround it. BUT, the references are if you want to go deeper. Here is the method and moves to give your questioner a fast and solid reading, read their mind with a current thought AND get your literature into their hand in a way they will keep it.

The system used is simple, very easy to use and repeat in a group with the results remaining different and personal to the individual.

The only real citricism I can offer is that Alan, throughout the text and explanations mentions other solid mental and reading effects that are not in everyone's arsenal -- and will lead them to want to find and buy them. Not that you wil need them -- but if the thinking is as strong as in this PDF, you will want them.

For introductions, walk-around and fast moving action, I strongly recommend "Palmistry Quickies."

Postby Guest » 05/10/07 02:58 PM

I didn't know there were any "Straight illusionists".

Postby Guest » 05/11/07 08:02 AM

I had a "palmistry quickie" once. $50 in a cathouse outside of Vegas. Oh the visions of Madame Cherie and her amazing heart line. :eek:

Postby Guest » 05/11/07 07:10 PM

Occam -

Is it a toss up whether Phrenology or Palmistry is the more erotic of the psycho-mental magical arts?

Le Grand Clairol said "only her hairdresser knows for sure." LOL

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