Kenton Knepper's Cold Reading

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Postby Brian Marks » 10/31/03 08:50 PM

If this booklet good?
Brian Marks
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Postby Guest » 11/01/03 10:13 AM

If this is the slim book rather the thick one I do believe I have browsed through it.

I think the thick book is Wonder Words. If I am correct this booklet is a skinny thing full of alleged words and phrases which are supposed to help you be a good reader.

I didn't like it at all, I am afraid. I thought it was twaddle. In fact it is about the only time in history I have ever agreed with Ford Kross about anything.

To make Kenton Knepper feel better I know he had a hand in the Eddie Tullock book. This is terrific.

I wish I could say the same about the cold reading book.

Mark Lewis

Postby Guest » 11/03/03 11:19 AM

I wasn't real impressed with it.
Steve V

Postby Joe Z » 11/05/03 03:33 PM

The booklet is titled "Completely Cold" and IMO is really a waste of paper and money ($40) that could be much better spent elsewhere.

The craft of psychic reading involves a great deal of knowledge (i.e., a sincere concern for the human condition, a keen understanding of human psychology and sociology, a thorough familiarity with at one or more established divination systems, and a lot of experience practicing these skills in the real world.)

No slim booklet can adequately teach anyone to present a credible reading (as claimed in "Completely Cold"), especially if that reader is plying the simplistic twaddle being peddled in this grossly overpriced little pamphlet. Spend your money on one of the better publications on the subject by Richard Webster, Herb Dewey, Ford Kross, or Fred Crouter.

Joe Z.
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Postby Guest » 11/05/03 07:40 PM

Interesting how all the experienced readers think alike on this one yet there are good reports about the book from the less experienced.
With regard to cold reading material I think Richard Webster is all that is really needed although it always advisable to read as much as you can.
Interestingly enough Richard has written very little about the Tarot yet it is one of the most powerful divination systems of all.
For this I recommend Joe Riding's little book. I always forget the title.
There is something by Ron Martin also that is not bad but I do prefer the Riding book because it actually tells you how to memorize the meanings of the cards very rapidly with a mnemonic system.

Postby Guest » 11/06/03 08:40 AM

Many people read "playing cards" which are based on tarot cards and while only have the minor arcana, can still be used for readings and since magicians usually have them, it might be easier for them to learn to do a reading with these.

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
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Postby Guest » 11/06/03 09:39 AM

Having done hundreds of readings perhaps thousands
I feel somewhat qualified to comment
Kenton's Completely Cold is interesting, but I don't think people would pay real money for that type of reading. Pick ups in bars perhaps, never tried it
I feel the same about Earle's Classic reading

If you want to do readings, learn the "real" systems" LLewlyn has some good basic books. By Webster, St Germayne and others. We could argue ad nauseum as to whther the systems do "fortell the future" but the systems give you a framework
If you were going to do gambling lectures, I'd assume you'd learn the rules of the game

Postby Guest » 11/06/03 09:46 AM

Originally posted by Psychic:
Interesting how all the experienced readers think alike on this one yet there are good reports about the book from the less experienced.
With regard to cold reading material I think Richard Webster is all that is really needed although it always advisable to read as much as you can.
Interestingly enough Richard has written very little about the Tarot yet it is one of the most powerful divination systems of all.
For this I recommend Joe Riding's little book. I always forget the title.
There is something by Ron Martin also that is not bad but I do prefer the Riding book because it actually tells you how to memorize the meanings of the cards very rapidly with a mnemonic system.
Frankly, the Tarot is one, giant Rorschach Test, with some basic elements that can give you a starting off point.

The four elements, Earth (money, work, etc), Air (information, knowledge), Fire (Will, direction) and Water (emotions) as related to what's in the picture on each card is often a great way to start "getting hits" off a subject.

Saves time memorizing a lot of stuff that may or may not be useful.

Then just look at the picture on the card in question and relate it to hat the subject asked you about. Simplifies fishing and the subject can SEE what you are talking about IN the picture on the card in front of them.

Just an alternative method that has worked for me for about 30 years now...

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.

Postby Guest » 11/06/03 01:03 PM

Lee, I have never "fished" in a reading. I try to ask no questions whatever. At the most I might ask one and very rarely two. I ask them in a very offhand manner as if it is of no importance.

Looking at pictures on cards is useful when you first start.I recommend the Rider Waite deck for this. However,normally I use the Prediction deck put out by Prediction magazine in England. There are no pictures whatever in the minor Arcana. Furthermore there are other decks like this.

I prefer it that way because some images on the Rider Waite deck and others are a little bloodthirsty for my taste. The Major Arcana is bad enough.

I do use the Rider Waite for mail order readings because the client cannot see the image. I also use them if a client has been to see me a million times.I have separate meanings for the Rider Waite and am thus able to give a different reading with different phraseology.

Sometimes I have used regular playing cards as per Paul Alberstat's suggestion but this is usually as a result of absent mindedness. Sometimes I forget to bring the Tarot cards. I once showed up in Vancouver at a psychic fair. I had travelled several thousand miles to be there and found to my great irritation that I had no tarot cards. Although there were booths there selling them I couldn't find the ones I wanted so I used playing cards.

I prefer tarot though. They have a power to them that regular cards don't seem to have.

Another reason I don't like pictures is that it restricts me. I don't want to be restricted to saying something that I see on the card if I can think of something better. The Prediction tarot allows me this freedom.

The Tarot is in my opinion the part of a reading which is the most "psychic".
Your intuition is at it's highest here. The cards are very powerful.
I recommend a shut eye book which will open your eyes. It is the BEST non cold reading book on the tarot. It is called "Tarotmania" by Jan Woudhuysen. Sometimes the book is entitled "Tarot Therapy"
The trouble is that the book is out of print and hard to obtain. I recommend the effort though. It will be well worth if you can get hold of it.

This book explains that you don't have to have a formal meaning to every card. As I have suggested in my psychic course the first thing you do when you buy a tarot deck is to throw the little book that comes with it away.

Go through each card and meditate over it. Decide your own meaning for the card. What it means to you. Your psychic ability will sharpen if you do this.

Yes. Psychic. It may surprise some of you to hear that I am a teeny bit shut eye. A teeny bit.
I do believe a touch of spirituality helps in a reading.

I might give a sample structure of a one hour session if anyone is interested in this type of thing.

I no longer do readings of any kind so I am happy to pass on something to serious people who want to learn this stuff in a compassionate way.

It will have to be compassionate though. I am not really interested in sharing this with people that look on readings as just a way to make money or as some kind of "entertainment" trick.

There has to be a bit of soul to the whole thing.

Postby Guest » 11/06/03 01:35 PM

I might give a sample structure of a one hour session if anyone is interested in this type of thing.
I am interested.

Postby Guest » 11/06/03 06:31 PM

Very well. Let us assume that someone has called you for an appointment for a one hour session. This is the length of time that I did a session. I charged $100. It is possible to charge more than this but you run a risk of being unethical if you go too high.
Too low a price and they will not appreciate the reading, too high and they will not appreciate being scammed.

Now you can get quite a bit of information before you even start a reading. You will pick things up over the phone when they call. Noise in the background (say kids for example) could mean something, If you have call display and see a company name when they call it could mean something, when they book the appointment and say they have to go the doctor first, it could mean something, if they say "I have to pick up the kids from school first" it could mean something.

When they arrive for the appointment they will also let out unguarded remarks when they first come into your office. At a psychic fair when they sit down they will often make a remark such as "My husband's in the lecture area"

The time when they are most vulnerable to revealing things is just before the session starts. I usually know about 20-25% of what I need to know before I have even said a word.

I do not believe in internet searches and that kind of thing. No psychic, crooked or otherwise has time for that nonsense. I always think it is the sign of an amateur when I hear of people doing this twaddle.

Of course if you have a previous client you just look up your file on that person and you will know all about them. You should always make notes after the client leaves and file them away for the next time.

When you have been doing this stuff for a while you will know instinctively what the problem is anyway. Just by looking at the client you get a sense of what is wrong. You must remember that there are only a few scenarios where problems are concerned. I have never counted them but I am sure there cannot be more than about 10 at the most. Probably less. You will get variations on a theme of course but basically you get a very limited amount of scenarios. You will get an instinct as to what the client is worried about before you open your mouth for the reading.

Naturally your assumptions will be confirmed as the reading progresses.

Now for the structure. Read the person's palm first. If you use the Richard Webster or any good palmistry system you will know all about the person by the time you have finished. You will even know their problem if the wind is with you and you are fairly astute. The reading lasts about 10 minutes.

The main lines on a hand cover health, love, money and career. If you watch out for certain reactions when you get to these points you will usually figure out what the problem is. I don't have the space to explain but take my word for it by the time you finish reading the palm you will know all about them and they hardly utter a word during the reading.
Incidentally I am dead against asking the client a million questions when reading. People are not stupid and know when you are fishing. They might turn around and say "you are supposed to be telling me" if you ask too many questions.

By now you should know 50% of what you want to know regarding the client.

But now comes the important part. What I am going to reveal now is priceless information. It is the whole key to the reading and nothing like it has ever been covered before in cold reading literature. I even omitted it from my famous psychic course promoted by Rudy Van Langen.

No point just revealing it for the sake of it. I don't want to waste the information or reveal it haphazardly. People with unethical intentions could use it during a reading. Or nobody will value it because they are getting it free.

I have no objection to giving this away free. However, I do need to see if there is a genuine interest. I will reveal the rest of the structure later. However, the next bit is really vital.It is the entire key to my system.

Later. Let us see how interested people are and the quality of such people.

Postby John Smetana » 11/06/03 07:06 PM

I'd be very interested in hearing more Mark.

Best thoughts,
John Smetana
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Postby Guest » 11/06/03 10:39 PM

I am still interested, Mark.

Best regards,


Postby Guest » 11/07/03 02:10 PM

Very well. I think this will take up a lot of space so I will just deal with the next step. Later I will cover the Tarot and Numerology which makes up the bulk of the reading.

Right now I want to describe the next 5 minutes after you read the palm. This is the key to the reading.

At one time when I first started in this awful business my readings were more like a magic show than a psychic experience. I won't go into everything that I did at the time but the main
method of getting information was the venerable centre tear. I do not advise anyone to do anything along this line even though the temptation will no doubt be there for those just starting. I was inexperienced and didn't quite know what the hell I was doing.

In fact never use any kind of trick during a reading. Use your intuitive and cold reading skill only.

I used the centre tear for the first year and a half of my career. I would ask the client to write down their question or concern. The funny thing was that 50% of the time I got around to reading the important bit I knew what the problem was anyway. BEFORE I read the tear.

It got to the point that I used to get irritated to read what I knew already. I had gone through all that sweat for nothing.

I resolved to get rid of the tear. It was making me nervous anyway. You can't go through thousands of readings doing fraudulent things without eventually getting caught. I had never actually been caught but there were a few close calls.

As any reader knows the client doesn't care how you get the question. They want the ANSWER. You could almost come right out and ask the question. All the phone psychics that advertise in the National Enquirer do this.
I don't. Too blatant.

Instead this is what I do. Hold on to your hats, folks. This is dynamite. It only takes 5 minutes of the reading up but it is the key to the whole thing.

It does exactly what the centre tear does without the trickery.

I have run out of breath. I will come back to this later if there is still interest.

Ask and ye shall be given.

Reverend Mark Lewis
Free Spiritualist Church of Canada.

Postby Guest » 11/07/03 03:31 PM

Tell us more.

Postby Andy Hurst » 11/07/03 04:35 PM

Comp Cold is probably the best booklet by Knepper, I not sure if thats a complement, but compared to the rest of his overpriced junk the basic (but simple) idea it teaches can be used in cold reading.

If you really want to feel ripped off, he has other booklets that really are worthless tripe.

Andy Hurst
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Postby Ryan Matney » 11/07/03 04:40 PM

Amen, Brother Hurst
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Postby Ryan Matney » 11/07/03 04:53 PM


I too am very interested in hearing more.
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Postby Bob L » 11/07/03 05:00 PM

Oh, I think I know how this comes out. Mark is going to cheese off the admins JUST BEFORE he gets to the "dynamite" revelation and be nudged off the board again. :)

I think Mr. Lewis is doing a first-rate Knepper impersonation. His narrative feels like the opening 20-30 percent of the couple of Knepper booklets I've read. He devotes a huge percentage of these documents to telling the reader what a wonderful, marvelous, incredible, useful, life-changing effect/technique they are ABOUT to read. When I've been a Knepper co-dependent, I have not been amused. I don't take well to being Wonder Word'ed all over again after the booklet writer already has my money.

But, back to cases --

You have the floor and my undivided attention, Mr. Lewis. This is highly entertaining. I'm just about ready to drop my dime and see the show on the inside. ;) Looking forward to the blow.
Bob L
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Postby Robert Allen » 11/07/03 05:08 PM

I've been figuring that's his game Bob: Let's see how long I can string along that Kaufman this time." Yawn.

This way to the Egress..
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Postby Guest » 11/07/03 05:13 PM

Originally posted by Andy Hurst:
Comp Cold is probably the best booklet by Knepper, I not sure if thats a complement, but compared to the rest of his overpriced junk the basic (but simple) idea it teaches can be used in cold reading.

If you really want to feel ripped off, he has other booklets that really are worthless tripe.


I'm not familiar with all of Kenton's work, but his Wonder Words, Kolossal Killer and the Eddie Tullock book are all worth owning. There was also some interesting stuff on his video. I think Completely Cold is fine, but I think books by Ford, Dewey and others are better, though I wasn't as crazy about Rowland's book as others were.

That said, I agree with Ford that I don't think Completely Cold would be of much use to readers. In fact, if you've studied palmistry, the tarot, numerology or some other system, I don't know why cold reading would be necessary at all. I've never intentionally used cold reading during a reading. I've never found the need.


Postby Guest » 11/07/03 09:11 PM

You mention Ian Rowland and Kenton Knepper in the same post.
Both of them have something in common. I doubt if either of them have done as much as 6 paid readings in their lives.
I would even go as far as to say that neither of them have even done one.
I know Ian Rowland. He sold svengali decks for me when he was 13 years old. He was an impertinent child. Now he is an impertinent adult.
I also had Joe Nickell the famous psychic debunker work for me too.
Funny how they all become holier than thou after working for me.
I suppose after experiencing hell for a short time they aspire to heaven with great enthusiasm.

Postby Guest » 11/07/03 09:47 PM

But now to business.
Years ago I purchased a fortune telling kit from some American game company. Alas the kit is no longer available which is a shame since it was quite wonderful.
There were beautiful posters, a magnifying glass for palmistry, various things for graphology readings and other wondrous things. Among all this was a beautiful I Ching chart with all the numbers on. It was very colourful. There was also a laminated sheet with a few sentences from each chapter in the I Ching. There were also 3 Chinese coins.
I decided to use the I Ching paraphrenalia in a special way. My brain came up with the following.
But wait.
I do realise that none of you will have this I Ching out of the fortune telling kit. Still, it won't be hard to adapt my description in some way either to an I Ching type thing or an oracle of some kind that answers questions.
I will give you the patter I used and you can no doubt adapt what I am about to tell you to your own requirements.
After I read the palm I take the chart, laminated sheet and the coins and proceed thus:

"Now we are going to try the I Ching. Have you ever heard of the I Ching? Well it is an ancient Chinese book. It is older than the bible. When the Chinese have a problem they consult the I Ching.It doesn't really tell the future but it does give advice.

What you basically do is you ask it a question. Now you can either say the question out loud or if you prefer you can keep it to yourself."

Now you must say the next line in a very offhand manner as if it is of no importance.
"of course, if you say it out loud it might be easier for me to interpret the answer-but it's up to you"
This sentence is the most important sentence of the reading. It induces the client to reveal what is on their mind.

Continue: "Now I don't have the proper book here.This is an abbreviated version. I just have a few key sentences out of each chapter but it does seem to work. For example, if you ask a question about emigrating it will say something about travel. It does seem to know what is on your mind.

Anyway you take these coins and you throw them out. Do you have a question in your mind. You can keep it to yourself if you want"

Now wait for an answer. 8 times out of ten they will say "no, I can say it out loud" They do want to confide in you if they feel comfortable with you. They will throw out the coins and tell you the worry or concern in their mind. It is quite amazing how perfect strangers will tell you the most personal of things.

Of course once you know what the problem is you can really go to town with them for the rest of the reading. However, at the moment when you work out which part of the abbreviated I Ching the question relates to you can interpret the vague waffle any way you want in order to fit it to the client. However, the purpose of the I Ching is not to give this vague reading. It is to find out what the worry is.

If they refuse to tell you what is on their mind all is not yet lost. Most worries are about love so when they throw the coins you say "I got a psychic flash there. Your question is about love in some way, isn't it?"
The answer is invariably "yes" If it isn't then do not fish any further otherwise you will become obvious. Just say either: "I mean love in a wider sense" or better still "Well, I am sure love will come out in the reading anyway"

Now you are well armed. Do the Tarot now and the results will be very powerful.

I will deal with the Tarot and numerology next. I do believe in a varied reading for two reasons. One it is more entertaining for the client to have a variety of different things done for them and two, it helps me cross check things. If I see something on a person's palm and it is confirmed when I do the tarot I know I am on the right track.

Anyway, I will now take another break before I finish this description of the structure I use.

This I Ching is gold. Use it if you want. Don't use it if you don't want.

I have found it is a hell of a lot better than the Centre Tear though.

Postby Guest » 11/07/03 10:26 PM

Oh, let me get it over with. It shouldn't take too long this time.

You are now in a powerful position when you do the tarot card reading. This usually takes about half an hour. You have already spent about 15 minutes with the palm and I Ching. The Tarot is the most important part of the reading and the most valuable to the client.

Read any way you like. I usually have three spreads. Since you now know what the problem is you are in a very strong position to continue.
Be careful though what you say. You have someone's welfare in your hands. If you say the wrong thing you can do them great harm. If you say the right thing you can do them great good. Be bloody careful.

It is not like doing a card trick. If you screw up a card trick the worst thing that can happen is that you look an idiot. If you screw up a reading you can ruin someone's life.

The first thing you have to decide is "what do they want to hear" There is an old rule that you tell the client what they want to hear. However the rule has a flaw. What happens if what the client wants to hear is not a good thing for them to want to hear?
So now you have to decide "Is it a good thing for me to tell them what they want to hear?
If it is go ahead and tell them. If it isn't then don't.
Simple. Or is it?
Tougher than you think if you have any sort of conscience.
Of course if you have no conscience then you have no ethical considerations to worry about. If you are the sort of person who removes "curses" in unethical ways or get the client to come back to you again and again in a dependent fashion you won't have the concerns I am referring to about ethics.
I hope you roast in hell though.

You cannot advise except in exceptional circumstances. How can you advise when you don't know the whole story anyway? You only find out so much about the situation in a reading anyway. Another reason you cannot advise is that you cannot solve your own problems never mind someone else's.
You can give hope though. It is your duty to tell the future.
So you do just that. You do not advise. You simply tell the future and make sure you see a positive future. You are a gardener. You plant seeds. Make sure the seeds are positive ones.
Give the poor bastards some hope. They often need it desperately. You are often their last resort.

I will not mince words. You are in a crooked business. I am not the sort of reader who goes all New Age and spiritual to anaesthetise my conscience. When all is said and done you are making a pretence of psychic abilities in order to make money.

I should know. I have done thousands upon thousands of readings. I shudder at the thought of all the thousands of tapes out there with me waffling. It gives me the heebie jeebies just writing about it now at this very moment.

There is only ONE moral justification for this. And that is that you are helping the client.
And even this justification may not be enough.
Still, it is all there is at the moment so it will have to do.

Oh, one more thing. Finish off the reading with a bit of numerology. It is a load of baloney but it will give you something to say until the end.

I Ching

And let us hope that you do not end up in hell over it.

Postby Steve V » 11/08/03 10:52 AM

Thank you Mark..... You are a stud.
Steve V
Steve V
Steve V
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Postby Guest » 11/08/03 11:25 AM

Thank you Steve.

Incidentally I was highly amused to receive an e-mail from one of my spies. Here is part of it:

Hi Mark... I noticed you're giving away some real, working information
on readings over at the Genii Forum. Are you just feeling particularly charitable
to the crew at Genii?

Anyway, the other reason I'm emailing you is incase you'd like to try to
stir things up somewhere, as I noticed something involving two people
you like to irk... Tom Baxter and Ford Kross... On ebay right now is a
copy of Ford Kross' booklet, "Suggestive Mentalism"... Tom Baxter's the
highest bidder right now, so he must not be privy to such 'revered'
material... Ford Kross probably wouldn't like his stuff in the hands of
someone who's done public exposures... Here's a link to Ford's booklet
on Ebay.... ... gory=14013


Naturally I have no idea why my correspondant thinks that I would like to "stir things up"
However it is true that Old Mother Baxter and the Almighty Kross have something in common. They both hate me equally.

However, Tom Baxter has indeed done public exposures. Or tried to anyway. I well remember the time he went in to the Sun newspaper in Toronto to expose Jeff Evason and Tessa just becaus Jeff did a headline prediction that Tom didn't approve of.

Baxter is very anti psychic and thinks we should all rot in hell. He even came to one of my psychic seminars and nearly ruined it. Some of the participants got very upset with him and I thought violence was about to erupt.

I must say that I am highly amused that the highest bidder on E-Bay for Ford's wickedness is an exposer.

Since Ford hates exposers and Baxter hates psychic readers and mentalists who say they are real I think it is an amusing mix.

Perhaps Ford should consider removing the item.
We wouldn't want Old Mother Baxter (who is a big friend of Randi, incidentally) exposing his secrets.

Just trying to be my usual helpful self.

Postby Guest » 11/08/03 12:17 PM

I see now that Ford isn't the seller. It looks like Baxter is going to win out in the end.

Postby Guest » 11/08/03 04:53 PM

Yes Mark
As usual your post is full of disinformation

I don't have my Suggestive Mentalism monograph up for sale on ebay. It's some one from Canada
It's Book one of a three part series. Although the photos say 1, 2 and three only the first part is shown
Yes i'm also aware of Mr Baxter's reputation as an exposer.
But when you offer somthing for sale , you realise, that although you can screen who you sell it to, you can't effectively screen who they sell it to
I assume, whoever bought the MS originally a: died and his estate sold it. b: needed money and sold it them selves. C: Bought it and was unable to perform it themselves.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not the slightest biot up set, it's already going for nearly what I sell it for and may sell for even more. So it's economic value should hold

Postby Guest » 11/08/03 05:09 PM

I must say that I am quite upset that you are not upset. What is the point of trying to upset someone if they refuse to be upset? I must say that I am quite upset over the matter.

Just trying to liven you up. You have been strangely quiet of late.

Postby Guest » 11/08/03 05:19 PM

Actually, to be fair Old Mother Baxter's reputation as an exposer isn't really true. He tends to debunk psychics or at least look down his dignified nose at them but he doesn't really expose methods.
He is no Ian Rowland. He loves magic too much to expose secrets and I can't really see him doing it.

He did indeed run over to the Toronto Sun office to complain about the Jeff and Tessa headline prediction. They were working at a psychic fair one weekend doing readings and decided a bit of publicity would do them some good.
Baxter complained that they were claiming to be psychic which they weren't and it was unfair to the other psychics who were real.
Yes. I am not kidding.
This is exactly what he said.

Of course a cynical person would say that his real reason for going to the paper is that someone told him that Jeff Evason thought that his (Tom's) act was boring. I rather think he took umbrage at this and plotted revenge.

Naturally I have no idea who told him what Evason said.

Oops! I think I had better go.

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